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Stop Upsetting Your Customers – Start Getting Local

By Louise Hanger on Oct 20, 2011 6:05:00 PM

There’s no point in engaging your customers with promotions which are irrelevant to them: telling them you’ve got a great offer on which they find is unavailable in their local store will not endear you to your customers and they will express their annoyance on your page.

Take this example of a marketing message from Walmart, which has generated a string of complaints as it is encouraging several customers to buy stock which is unavailable in their local store, or worse, is no longer available.

Not only is this poor marketing but it also tends to generate further customer service issues. Once your marketing thread has been hijacked by complaints about stock, it is likely to attract more general complaints from your customers, and what was once a promotion is now a PR disaster, causing a real customer service issue on your Facebook page for everyone to see.

Facebook is an opportunity for chains with a large number of stores to create a consumer community, but retailers need to stay aware of just how diverse the customer experiences in that group are. Geo-targeting promotional messages to your customers makes for more effective marketing, and shows sensitivity to your online community.

You can use geo-targeting when using Conversocial to target messages to fans in specific locations. Facebook records the location of your fans, based heavily on where they say they are, and the location from which they usually log on. Communicate thoughtfully with your audience, and you can increase positive engagement on your wall and create a stronger sense of consumer community, even if you are a large chain.

In our Enterprise edition, you can safely scale up your local teams by setting geo-targeting permissions. You can set roles that only allow people to post updates to a specific region, removing the risk of plugging in different area or country teams. This way you can use Facebook as a local paper on social media, with tailor made updates for different fan bases. The more useful your posts are for your fans, the more likely they are to read your posts and engage with you page, and ultimately spend money in store.

We have a white paper coming out in the next few weeks, with our latest research into US customer experiences on Facebook, so keep an eye on our blog for further updates!

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you scale up your global/local pages and teams, get in touch.

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