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The State of Digital Care in 2018

Seleah Gardiner
By Seleah Gardiner on Mar 14, 2018 6:42:47 AM

The landscape of customer service is radically changing and Conversocial's new report, The State of Digital Care in 2018, is here to help you manage that change!

2017 was the year that social customer service grew up. It got swept up in it’s own digital journeyevolving into a hybrid which we now deem to be ‘Digital Customer Service.’

But what does this mean in terms of a customer service offering? Well, put simply, all it entails is for a brand to be able to provide effortless and scaled support in digital arenas like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Twitter.

Digital customer service is a welcome development for today’s “always-on” generation, who are more mobile and digitally-driven than ever before. Evolving customer preferences are tightly linked to innovations in digital technology and brands should embrace both in order to keep pace with heightened expectations. Customers want businesses to hear, understand and appreciate them. Investing directly into a digital care strategy ultimately means placing an emphasis on prioritising customer needs, preferences and support; which in turn can lead to an enhanced customer experience, boosted satisfaction and contribution to a more cost effective customer service operation. 

What can brands do to deliver great digital care?

It is time for brands to open the door to a fully-embraced digital engagement strategy. Providing digital customer care is now recognized as a priority focus for customer interaction, loyalty and retention. Digital innovation, and channel adoption, are now key drivers of brand longevity; yet, you will often find businesses struggling to successfully promote digital care as their primary channel for brand engagement and resolution due to a number of obstacles.

The State of Digital Care in 2018 addresses the key consumer behaviours and trends impacting the state of digital customer service in 2018, laying out best practices for ensuring your brand is delivering in-the-moment resolutions, at scale, to drive profitable and lasting relationships over social and digital channels. In this report, you will understand why:

  • Over half of respondents (59%) still prefer a human resolution to that of a bot
  • 81% of respondents have higher digital care expectations today then they did a year ago
  • 63% of respondents cited a good digital care experience as very important to their brand loyalty

Have a read right here to help you overcome common, digital customer care challenges and become a digitally mature customer focused brand! 


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