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Spotlight: Conversocial Customer Partnerships

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on May 24, 2016 9:14:00 AM

This week we sat down with George Twizell, Director of Customer Success and Conversocial veteran (he's been with the company for just over five years!) 

Click below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 

Partnering with Customers

The best thing for me about working with Conversocial's customers is our partnership. We constantly go out and visit our Customers. We spend a lot of time with them, and so we really feel like we're part of their operation. Similarly, they give us great feedback, great comments. It's a really great two-way interaction.

I think the second thing would probably be that our customers are really innovative. They are constantly looking for new channels and networks in which to service their customers, and they're constantly challenging us with where we're at with those opportunities. We don't just accept the status quo of "We're doing Facebook, so therefore we're doing great." That's not the case. We're constantly looking at what's next. Is it Messenger? What's relevant for their industry and how can they best adopt that and how are they doing within the Contact Center, or what's the best way to bring that customer through a journey with the brands, so that it's enjoyable for the customer and it's relevant towards the networks they're on and the devices they're on.

We're really competitive and our Customers are really competitive. We're leading the industry—We're not interested in just accepting things. We want to make sure that we can see where our customers aren't performing, and we can get them better and similarly, how we can push forward their industries. That was, I guess, the next stage, making sure that we were helping our customers see their own customers' journey to make sure they are able to get a resolution.

Working at Conversocial

It's a great company. It's a really fun and lively environment. We're constantly challenging each other and looking for new ways in which to move forward our industry. We're a company that's at the forefront of our industry. and that's exciting. We're constantly looking at new ways and things to move forward.

I think one of the things about the people we work with here is we're a very young, vibrant team. Everyone has their own specialties, and we respect that amongst each other. We know that people bring different aspects of the Contact Center. If it's me going out and speaking to customers and bringing that in or the Development Team giving whatever technical information we need to service that request from the customer—that's really exciting.

What five things should consider when building a new social customer care operation?

1. You need to partner with someone who you trust and you like. They've got to align with your brand, and you've got to align with theirs.

2.You've got to not be afraid. You're going into a relatively new industry. There's a lot of research out there. Give it a go, you'll get it wrong from time to time. You'll also get it super right from time to time. Just give it a go.

3. I think you've got to constantly be evaluating the market, see what's going out there, don't be afraid to look at new channels and see what they can do, but understand when you adopt new channels, if your Customers like them, you're there, so you've got to be able to service them. Keep that in mind.

4. You've got to be really kind of willing to take challenges. It's not easy, you're not always going to be at the easy end of the Contact Center. You're not always going to be able to fit social media or digital media into a square box. 
You're going to have to look at new and innovative ways to do that. You've got to be prepared and be up for that challenge.

5. I think finally the thing is enjoy it. You're at the cusp of an industry that is changing so rapidly. If I look at my last five years, it's kind of mind boggling. If I look at the last three months, we've had Messenger, we've got WhatsApp, we've got Twitter all talking about what's happening next. You've got to look to the future and you've got to be excited about it. 

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