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Social Media Is Changing the Way We Complain

By Rachel Tran on Apr 23, 2013 11:20:00 AM

Joshua March was back on our screens yesterday morning discussing the future of social customer service on Bloomberg TV. 

Social Media Is Changing the Way We Complain

Earlier this year Josh made two appearances on Bloomberg TV’s Market Makers to speak about Capitalizing on Social Media Shoppers and Powering Social Customer Service during the busy holiday season. This time around, Josh delves into why customers take to Twitter to get results when all fails.

There was great discussions around Jack Threads, PayPal and Hertz' effective use of customer service on social media – a handful of businesses who have got their head around social customer service.

Here are some key points shared by Josh:

  • 2 years ago companies had around four social customer sales agents, now many have up to 40.
  • Jack Thread’s social interaction is growing by 5% every week.
  • To create massive brand value, turn your upset customers – usually the most vocal customers - into public advocates by responding to them online.
  • 2-3 years ago, no one was really paying attention to social customer service, now every company recognises it as a must for their business.
  • The travel sector on social – more and more travel companies are now using social media for customer service as the demand from customers has grown drastically. Customers want real time responses whether they are on platform, at the checkout or in the airport – they do not have time to email companies.
  • 50 – 80% of tweets directed at Hertz is customer service related.
  • Positively engaged customers are worth 23% more on an annual basis.
  • “In social, everyone can hear you scream”

Catch up with the full video below:


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