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Social Media Customer Service Heats up as Conversocial Processes over 35 million Interactions

By Anna Drennan on Nov 21, 2011 6:20:00 PM

Today we've processed more than 35 million comments! Our customers are using Conversocial to process ever more customer service enquiries and discussions on Facebook and Twitter.

Mike Hedger

We can also announce the appointment of Mike Hedger as chairman, who brings a wealth of experience to help Conversocial continue this growth.

As social media platforms have matured from being the haunt of celebrities and music stars, to a viable environment for big brands to interact with their customers, the risks associated with this new format of open discussion have become increasingly obvious. 

Though many forms of direct communication already exist in the commercial sector, it is only now via social media that publicly viewable customer service enquiries have become the norm.  If a brand fails to respond, not only will customers get upset, but issues can spiral into a much bigger PR disaster and potentially leave Facebook and Twitter accounts useless as marketing channels.  Such dangers have forced many organisations to rethink their online communications strategy as part of corporate brand management and customer service as a whole.

We've now grown, with our users, to process over 2.5 million interactions every month, pushing us past the 35 million mark. 

Our clients are at the forefront of a revolution in customer service.  Social media is forcing companies to expose their treatment of customers to the world, and turning outbound marketing messages into interactive conversations. Companies who embrace this change will benefit from lower costs as phone calls are deflected online, and gain huge brand and marketing value from positive responses delivered as earned media throughout social platforms.  

Our growth is accelerating as more and more companies are realising that the intersection of marketing and customer service lies at the heart of effective social media management, and we're excited to be helping companies grasp this opportunity head on!

We're delighted to be working with Mike Hedger as Conversocial's chairman. Mike brings to us experience from a long career in IT during which he worked for industry giants such as Oracle, IBM and INGRES, as well as successfully leading KVS to its eventual trade-sale to Veritas (now Symantec Enterprise Vault).  His expertise will help us to scale and grow and establish itself as a leader in the rapidly growing social customer service sector

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