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Roundup of 2011 from Conversocial

By Anna Drennan on Dec 21, 2011 6:48:00 PM

First of all, Merry Christmas from the Conversocial team! 

2011 has been a big year for us. Following our Series A funding in the summer, and more than doubling our team, Conversocial has come a long way.

 We’ve seen the rise of social media as an established customer service channel, and witnessed (and helped) the gradual closer integration of different company departments to deliver a better customer experience in Facebook and Twitter. More and more of our customers are using Conversocial to deal with real customer issues in the public domain. 

Here are a few of Conversocial’s highlights of 2011:

Some exciting new releases

  • Free! We released a free edition of Conversocial for single users. Conversocial’s Starter edition allows social media managers to take control of the growing volume of customer conversations in Facebook and Twitter single-handedly, before their social media operations have grown to involve other team members.
  • Twitter Monitoring. Saved Twitter searches now allow Conversocial users to do proactive customer service on Twitter. Conversocial will pull in results for any search term, be this specific product, a competitor, or anything else you’d like to monitor! 
  • Permissions. We released advanced permissions earlier this year, to give our users heightened regulation of their teams. We introduced Manager and Agent roles to our Team edition, to give small teams more control and only allow authorized people to publish. Even more exciting, our enterprise permissions system gives completely custom and granular control over which team members can take different actions on each of your social channels. Conversocial customers are now able to exactly replicate their company organization to manage their social channels. 

Some achievements

  • We won a TechCrunch Europa Award! It was great to be recognized as one of TechCrunch’s most exciting startups this year. 
  • The Guardian’s Tech Startup 100 gave a nice shiny crystal award as runner up for Best Social Networking and Collaboration. 
  • We hit the 35 million mark for messages processed through Conversocial.

Suped-up support: We’ve put customers, their issues and their feedback at the centre of Conversocial from the start. This year we’ve been able to really step this up a gear, introducing our Zendesk support site and taking on our first Account Manager to look after our customers.  

Next year we’re excited to watch social customer service progress even further. We’ll be championing the cause of consistent and quality customer experiences coming to social media, and doing all we can to help companies get there.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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