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Recruiting the Social Customer Service A-Team

By Liz O'Brien on Aug 6, 2015 4:22:00 AM

Tell us why you think you would be perfect for the role in 140 characters or less?

If only it was that simple. To get the perfect social customer service team it’s all about getting the right blend. Having been a part of the Social Media team at Tesco, as well as hearing from our customers and prospects here at Conversocial, got me thinking about what the best ingredients for social care are.

What does your dream team look like?

When reviewing CV’s, and comparing candidates, it’s easy to get caught up in what qualifications they have -- or how socially savvy they are. But you shouldn’t underestimate how important soft skills are. You wouldn’t think twice about incorporating them into telephony and call training, so don’t skip over them when it comes to social. Things such as empathy are often harder to convey over written response channels, so you should have this in mind and look for someone with good gut instincts. Other character traits you should consider are resilience curiosity and confidence.

How old should your team be?

When we hear the words ‘social media’ we immediately think of teams made up of fresh faced, fashion forward, hipster types. Millennials. However I urge you to think twice before only hiring a team aged 25 and under. Having a varied age range will add to a wider understanding for empathy and life experience. You want your team to be able to relate to all of your customers on a personal level and establish that human connection.

Should you hire internally or look externally?

Although the idea of hiring ‘social media professionals’ can be very alluring, you should remember that your most dedicated customer advocates probably already lie within the contact center. They’ve worked tirelessly on other channels putting the customer first and they’re passionate about your brand - it’s now time to harness that passion. Once you give these agents the empowerment that social can bring you will see them flourish.

How should you go about recruiting your team?

Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your team, its vital that the recruitment process for your social customer service team is not the same one size fits all.

The first round should be a test designed to discover the written style of your candidates. Provide them with real examples of messages received on your social channels and within a time limit, asking them to answer in a real situation. This will allow you to see whether the candidates can show personality through their writing style, as well if they can work under pressure.If starting your team from scratch, the next stage should almost definitely be a group interview. Social teams work under pressure to handle the most weird and wonderful queries faced by brands, often at the front line of a crises. Ensuring your team is able to work well together and also bounce ideas off each other is vital.

Well there you go, those are my tips for hiring your social customer service team. I’d love to hear what you think, tweet me @fizzyblossom and of course give your superstar team a shout out to us @conversocial.

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