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Preventing Social Media Crises: A Quick Guide

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Aug 13, 2013 12:57:00 PM

Social media crises, perhaps one of the most-publicized elements in the relationship between businesses and social media, come in all different shapes and sizes. Social media crises have become such a pop culture phenomenon that Chipotle even faked their own a couple of weeks back.

Businesses who stay on top of their social media strategy find that it can provide an early warning system for new business issues, from campaigns and product launches to reputation-threatening problems. Still, a good number have found social media to be the fastest-growing medium for corporate crises to spread, with a high risk of brand damage.

Social media demands a new approach to crisis, where corporate silence or PR statements fail to satisfy expectations for social brands. In the age of social customer service, negative conversations about your brand don’t have to mean disaster. Rather, what really matters is how you deal with these negative conversations. With the right preparation, your company can ride out any social media storm.

Just as one-way social marketing has become antiquated, so too are traditional response plans when it comes to social media engagement. Merely issuing a statement might have little or no effect. Ignoring or, even worse, deleting posts might only make a crisis worse.

Plenty of smart people have documented how to respond to social media crises, but far too few have documented how businesses can be prepared long before a crisis hits. We decided to package case studies and best practice advice in a 10 page guide that you should keep as a resource whether your role falls in social customer support, social marketing or social communications.

In This Quick Guide We:

• Share case studies from some of the major types of crisis you can face, with recommendations on the best ways to prepare for and deal with these.

• Illustrate the best way to minimize the risk of emerging crises by mobilizing your customer service team for lightning speed reactions.

• Discuss how to manage customer expectations for speed, volume and time of engagement on social

Click Here to Download the Crisis Guide

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