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Photos in Facebook Private Messages – An Update

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Nov 22, 2013 8:45:00 AM

A year and a half ago, Facebook introduced the functionality to send private messages to Pages. We were one of the first to integrate Facebook Messages into our Social Customer Service platform, ensuring our customers had the ease to manage the new uptake of private messages as they would with public timeline messages and comments.

Photos in Facebook Private Messages – An Update

Facebook’s API wasn’t perfect - photos were missing from the Private Messages that they sent through to us. Attachments are essential to understand context, enabling you to provide relevant social customer service. As soon as we caught wind of Facebook’s recently updated API, we jumped right on investigating whether photo attachments would now be available.

We’re pleased to announce that today, photo attachments in private messages can finally be brought into Conversocial.

Benefits of Photos in Private Message
We’ve run through the advantages of customers being able to contact brands directly through Facebook’s private messages here, so what does the ability of sending and receiving pictures mean for your business and how you engage with customers?

Studies show that 71% of 16-64 year-olds turn to the internet when they have a problem with a product; the chance of these issues requiring a company to see proof of purchase or proof of the problem with the product is going to be quite high. With photos attached to Private Messages, your customers can be reassured that photos of confidential information can be passed along to the company privately, and safely.

Audit Trail
With everything in one place, there is now no need to leave Conversocial’s platform to look at attachments natively. Know where you are in the conversation with a complete history of customer and agent interactions across channels, including what photos are being received.

Contact Resolution without Redirection
Escalating social customer service problems to other channels is time consuming, and doesn’t provide your customers with a positive experience. This is usually the case when confidential information needs to passed between a brand and customers. Using Conversocial to handle private Facebook messages means you won’t need to ask customers to contact you via email as often as you used to – customers will be happier to send photos they do not wish to share publicly. Remember, keeping it all within the same channel they contact you on is all part of a great social customer service experience.

To find out more about Conversocial and the integration of the updated Private Message functionality in Facebook, get in touch with us here.

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