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Pharmas on Facebook: opening the wall with Conversocial

By Louise Hanger on Oct 4, 2011 4:28:00 PM

Janssen, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, has been one of the pharmaceutical companies to keep their page open since Facebook’s enforced open wall policy on August 15th.

Facebook once allowed pharmacuetical companies to run pages with a closed wall, due to legal requirements to respond to all questions, no matter where they take place.  Now these companies must make a choice: open the Facebook wall to consumer comments, or shut down the page.  Beyond legal obligations, unmoderated wall content is a critical problem for  pharmaceutical pages with strong concerns over fans creating unfounded fears about side effects.

Janssen has kept its page open, using Conversocial to keep content posted by fans thoroughly moderated and audited, whilst other pharmacuetical companies have shut down their pages. One such example is Amgen, who ran the “Breakaway from Cancer” page, citing moderating the wall as too great a challenge for the company for the time being.

By using Facebook management tools, like Conversocial, to manage posts and company responses, firms like Janssen can benefit from engagement with those using their products. The open wall provides valuable information for consumers and feedback for Janssen. A support community is created for sufferers - patients have expressed their appreciation for Janssen maintianing dialogue with them on the Facebook wall.

Janssen show the rest that pharmaceutical companies can be social too. Hear what Janssen have to say on how they are managing this challenge, using Conversocial, in MM&M here.

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