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Personalising Your Brand Through Social Customer Care - Book Your Workshop Place Now!

By David Barber on Aug 1, 2014 8:55:58 AM
We all know that social customer care is public. Most brands now have open Facebook, Google+, YouTube pages and Twitter accounts which allow their customers a view on their social customer care technique. With the ever-more critical and tech-savvy customer, brands have to be aware of how their social customer care plays out not just to the individual, but to the masses.
At Conversocial, we aim to help brands through the murky waters of social customer care. By adopting a personable and human approach to social customer service and discarding complete automation and canned responses, brands are effectively resolving issues through social media and leaving a satisfied customer.
Find your tone of voice - if your brand was a celebrity who would it be? Be personal with responses. Our team sign off replies with their name which helps our customers know they’re talking to one of our employees rather than a robot. We also use real photos that directly relate back to our brand and parks.”  Madi Woodstock - Social Media Manager, Haven Holidays.

Conversocial’s webinar and workshop series will explore best practice in personalising social customer care across a wide breadth of industries. Some of the discussion will focus around top tips to achieve a personable social customer care presence, including:

  • Find a tone of voice that works for your brand, but allow social customer service agents to take their own spin on this - this empowers the agents to be personable with the customer, yet remain within brand guidelines.

  • Build and maintain a close relationship between Customer Service, Marketing and PR teams - working together as one team creates a consistent brand presence on social media.

For more of these tips and a deeper discussion, join our London workshop guest list for an opportunity to attend our ‘Personalising Your Brand’ workshop.

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