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New release: keep track of all assigned messages

By Anna Drennan on Aug 17, 2011 4:05:00 PM

Several of our customers pointed out to us that tracking messages assigned in Conversocial was difficult. We’ve listened, and now made it easy to see all comments that are sitting in each user’s assigned queue!

Assigning messages to other users is a really easy way of making sure that the right person is dealing with the right type of communication. Specific customer questions may need to go to the right service team, and certain complaints need to be directed to PR. Now managers can check the status of all priority messages that are awaiting action from their team members, and add follow up notes if necessary. No more lost comments!

To see all assigned messages in your Conversocial account, simply go to ‘assigned’ as usual. The assigned queue will, by default, show messages allocated to you, but a new drop down at the top of this page gives you the option to see comments, posts and tweets assigned to other Conversocial users.

This is just one stage of several upcoming developments to make working together on social marketing and customer service much easier for your teams.

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