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My eye-opening customer experience from BT's social team

Collin Howe
By Collin Howe on Apr 2, 2013 6:15:00 PM

How a great social customer service experience made me happy to be sold to. 

I’ve been working at Conversocial as VP Engineering since 2010 to develop the best solution for companies to provide social customer service. But this experience managed to really open my eyes to just how broad the meaning of customer service is, and what makes a good experience. 

I first got in touch with @BTCare because of a delay with my order. They responded over Twitter and asked me to DM my account details. Then they rang me. We talked it over and they said they'd call again the day before installation.

The same chap did in fact call me the day before to confirm its all going ahead.

On the day, the phoneline got installed but not the broadband. So, I tweeted them. The same guy replied to my tweets and then after a bit of back and forth, he rang me.

Eventually, my internet got turned on. At which point, I tweeted them to say I was happy. Afterwards, I found out I can actually now get BT Infinity (70Mbps) in my area. So, I tweeted them again asking if I could get an upgrade, and they said yes! Later that day, the same guy called me to check that everything was working well for me, and to talk about BT Infinity. He needed to check a few things but said he'd call on Friday.

He then sent through (via Twitter) a survey form they do to evaluate their customer service quality. I of course rated them highly.

Friday’s now passed, he called again and we've arranged an upgrade to BT Infinity. He passed me on to a colleague to finalise my upgrade, but the same first rep on Twitter organised my service throughout.

As I said, this was a really positive experience for me. They dealt with as much as they could on Twitter and then switched across to the phone as appropriate. And that was as appropriate for me, the customer, not because they couldn’t meet my needs over social. The same agent dealt with me throughout, and I could tell that BT had my details and history readily available, as I only had to give them my account number once and they were able to call me easily.

On top of all of this, my complaint became a sales opportunity – a pleasant customer experience of a sales opportunity - which was also dealt with by the same guy on the same team.

I’ve now seen first-hand how true social customer service is so much more than handling customer issues over Twitter; it’s service, it’s marketing, it’s sales, it’s insight. It’s making sure people like me have a great experience and get everything they want from their company relationships.

I strongly encourage everyone to use social to complain to a company the next time something annoys them (even if it is really petty). It's an enlightening experience about what a good customer experience can be, and one we all should have.


If you're in the business of social media and customer service, have you ever been inspired by an example of a company getting it right? Tell us your stories in the comments below. 

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