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MTV VMAs report: 3 ways to ensure a successful marketing campaign doesn’t disrupt your social customer service team

Anthony Thomas
By Anthony Thomas on Aug 28, 2013 12:48:00 PM
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This weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) resulted in many Tweets thanks in part to an impressive 62% of us who use social media while watching TV as well as a high number of call to action Tweets.

Voters were prompted to inform their followers who they voted for as well as invite others to participate in the vote – all of which included a sponsor @mention or hashtag, below you can see the numbers for Tweets sent on Sunday 25th August that included a sponsor’s @mention/hashtag and a mention of MTV or the VMAs:

MTV VMAs report: 3 ways to ensure a successful marketing campaign doesn’t disrupt your social customer service team

While the brand’s marketing teams were no doubt pleased with the high level of engagement and reach, spare a thought for the customer service agents – many of whom will have had to dig through the high volume of noise to find actionable customer service issues requiring responses.

Tips for maintaining customer service during event sponsorship

1. Make use of hashtags instead of @mentions for call to action Tweets

Of all the sponsors, @WindowsPhone, @Pepsi and @TacoBell featured in call to action Tweets, which were sent after users voted on MTV.com but only @WindowsPhone opted to use a hashtag instead of an @mention.

By doing this it no doubt made it easier to separate the automated Tweets from those who really wanted their Tweet to be sent to the Windows Phone team, allowing the brand to reply to legitimate questions and queries.

2. Warn your customer service team & consider having customer service agents available during the event to process content.

It’s not uncommon for marketing and customer service teams to use different tools for their social media activities. Therefore it’s important that both teams communicate effectively so that the customer service team can prepare.

This may call for a change in workflow or scheduling of agent working hours to include the hours of the event. During the event conversation regarding your brand is likely to spike, agents can immediately deal with this if they’re available.

MTV’s event was held on a Sunday, meaning many Tweets may not have been dealt with until Monday morning for those who do not operate weekend hours.

3. Leverage tools like Conversocial to proactively search for issues and exclude marketing noise to ensure customers aren’t waiting.

While Conversocial can be leveraged to pull in Twitter content containing certain keywords it can also be utilized to exclude certain words or phrases.

Therefore, brands like @TacoBell with both a high volume and high percentage of VMA brand related Tweets including an @mention could help filter through the noise by excluding the generic text contained in every call to action Tweet.

This same approach can be used to monitor hashtags too:

If you'd like to learn more about how Conversocial can help you manage your social customer service and engagement in high traffic environments we’d love to provide a personalized demo and discuss this further with you.

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