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Meet Dan Wong, Our Customer Happiness Manager

By Laura Bienheim on Jul 25, 2012 2:11:00 PM

So let's get the ball rolling on our Conversocial Faces series. We thought we'd start off this week by introducing you to Dan, Conversocial's Customer Happiness Manager.

Dan has been with us for about a year now starting off as our first Account Manager before recently becoming Conversocial's Customer Happiness Manager! His role is integral to the Company and we thought you'd all like some insight into what he does!

What did you do before you started working at Conversocial?

Nothing! I started here right after I finished my Engineering degree.

Tell us about your average day.

If I don't have a morning meeting, I avoid the horrible London rush hour like a disease. From around 8AM I spend one or two hours answering emails and dealing with overnight issues for our customers. Once I'm in the office I catch up with various sales people and developers on customers, any bugs and, critically, the office banter. I then make coffee using our amazing Gaggia Baby II machine. I'm slowly teaching myself to pour latte art.

I spend the rest of the day talking to the most important people in the company - our customers. This involves a fair bit of grief when dealing with things like Facebook or Twitter APIs breaking, but it's all worth it in the end when you get those emails from people being really thankful and happy with us. I spend all day logged in to various social channels, not only looking at pictures of my friends' cats, but also for testing our tool and communicating with key contacts in our customer base.

Another large part of my job is helping companies integrate their teams with us, and training agents. This is where the people skillz come in handy.

My role is also fairly technical, as I talk to our developers quite a lot about things like javascript errors and Facebook API problems, then translate these into plain English to explain them to customers. 

What is your favourite thing about working at Conversocial?

Without doubt, the days when we get the epic burritos from Poncho8 for lunch. My next favourite thing is being able to wear T-shirts and hoodies to work - a testament to working in social media!

Who is your favourite superhero?

SUPERMAN. Definitely. Even though he's over-powered, and is allergic to a piece of green rock. I have a superman apron. Also cufflinks.

If you didn't work at Conversocial what would you be?

I think my subconscious wants me to be a barista, from all this coffee making that I do, so I would probably start a coffee shop. More realistically though, I'd be working in another startup because I have loved being a part of Conversocial's development and helping it grow to where it is today!

Follow Dan on Twitter here: @gnownad

Stay tuned to meet the next Conversocial Face!

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