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Meet Colin Howe, Our Very Own VP of Engineering

By Laura Bienheim on Aug 8, 2012 2:42:00 PM

This week we're having a quick catch up with Colin Howe, Coversocial's VP of Engineering. 

Colin has been here almost from the start and does his darnedest to keep his loveable rogues (our development team) in line!

What do you love about working for Conversocial?  

I get to work on a lot of interesting challenges in an area that I care about - customer service. It's satisfying knowing that I'm making customer service better :) As well as that, we get a lot of cake in. Eating cake surrounded by great people is one of life's treats.

Tell us about your average day.

I'm an early bird so I get into work at around 8am and get some coding done before everyone else turns up. As  people start to turn up I'll make a coffee or two and catch up with everyone. I divide the rest of my day between coding, designing new features (and planning for the future of Conversocial) and researching new technologies that might be useful for us.

 When did you start messing around with code?

In my parent's house there is a biscuit tin with some disks containing one of my first programs. On it, is proudly written "By Colin Howe, aged 10"... so sometime around then!

If you weren't a developer what would you be?

An engineer of some sort. I like making things.

Favourite 80's pop song?

I don't know. There's so many and I tend to change my mind about music quite often. Probably "Take On Me" by A-ha! at the moment - partly because of the Family Guy music video of it.

Follow Colin on Twitter here: @colinhowe

Stay tuned for the next Conversocial Face!

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