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Making Your Mark by Leveraging Social Media for Customer Service

By Rachel Tran on Oct 11, 2013 12:05:00 PM

Over half of social media users engage with brands several times a month; but how do brands ensure these are not all complaints, and actually encourage more positive customer interactions?

Making Your Mark by Leveraging Social Media for Customer Service

A prime example of a brand who knows how to use Twitter to encourage positive discussions around their products and brand, answer consumer queries and support marketing efforts is Innocent Drinks.

On Wednesday, to mark their fifth anniversary on Twitter, Innocent Drinks replied to tweets with hand-written and hand-drawn messages – making their hashtag #tiredoftyping trend and bringing together their community, both old and new.

Realising that over the course of five years they have typed nearly 4 million characters, Innocent Drinks shook up their social offering, garnering lots of positive feedback and shares. They prove once again, that after so many years of ‘doing social’, they still know how to keep their customers and online community interacting through fresh ideas aimed to delight and surprise.  

In a social world, brands have to get their creative cap on and think about ways to keep customers interacting with the brand, to build a community which not only provides you with negative feedback, but also the positive. Providing great social customer service online often gets clouded by the vast amount of negative comments online, comments which tarnish your brand. A lot of time and effort goes towards responding to and resolving all that is bad, but how about the good?

As important as it is to respond to negative comments on Twitter before it turns into a potential crisis, time should be spent on rewarding advocates, delighting brand-lovers, and acquiring and keeping customers by making them feel valued. Plus, new customers don’t want to go onto your Twitter stream to find masses of apologies and no thank you’s. So what can you do?

Proactive Outreach
Join the conversations about your brand online and proactively reach out to those talking about you – surprise them, and show them you listen and appreciate everything they have to say. Our research has shown that only 3% of tweets directed at brands carry the ‘@’ symbol; by proactively reaching out to customers you have the opportunity to find important tweets which are often missed, the good and the bad. Find out more about how Conversocial can help your brands proactively reach out to your customers here.

Use New Mediums
Encourage interactions and conversations online by doing the unexpected. Maybe it’s something similar to Innocent Drinks, or even Youtube responses to tweets like the videos Warby Parker makes. The possibilities are endless - engage with customers, solve their problems and provide a great experience.

Reward Your Advocates, There and Then
41% of smartphone users actively use their mobiles in-store to research products; and 20% of consumers mention a company on social networks whilst they are still in store. Capture your customers at this critical moment by responding to their Tweets and aim to either solve their issue whilst they are still in store, or delight them with a surprise.

American restaurant P.F.Changs noticed a tweet from one of their customers complimenting their food and took the initiative to locate her in the restaurant – even though the social team and restaurant were in different states – and thanked her by paying for her meal and offering complimentary desserts. This type of outreach builds customer advocacy and spreads your good work through word-of-mouth, and we all know word-of-mouth is lot louder online.

What other methods of surprise and delight have you used to leverage your social customer service offering? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or tweet us!

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