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Lost my Wallet; Found Social First.

George Twizell
By George Twizell on Sep 23, 2015 4:38:00 AM

I recently managed to misplace my wallet; the details of which are largely irrelevant, all I will say is they involve a taxi, a few drinks and a lesson in Social Customer Service…

As an avid saver of points with basically any retailer I come into contact. The above dilemma meant I needed to get my Tesco Clubcard, Nectar Card and Morrison’s Miles & More cards back, and back ASAP. So, naturally, I put the three to a #SocialFirst Test: 

Out the Gate: Speed of Response.

Each brand received a similar Tweet at 10.50am on a busy Monday:

1st back was @Nectar with a first response time of 25 minutes, #Congrats!


2nd back was @Tesco with a first response time of 76 minutes, 51 minutes too late!

3rd back was @Morrisons with a first response time of 202 minutes, #SocialLast!

All of the responses were personable and friendly; kudos to Mike @ Tesco for adding a little extra humor.

The Race: Customer Journey to Resolution

My experience with each of the brands differed, below are my opinions on the route to reunion with my respective point depository devices:

1st were @Tesco: Mike took me straight to DM, clearly requesting the details he needed.

Once provided, Mike pointed out the card was registered to an old address he corrected this and processed a new one. The whole issue wrapped up within 91 minutes, that’s 15 minutes from being picked up by Mike.

2nd were @Morrisons: Jack, as Mike, took me to DM, asking for my “address details”.

Once provided Jack sent out a new card straight away. The whole issue wrapped up within 218 minutes, that’s 16 minutes from being picked up by Jack.

*I am being a bit kind to Jack as he did ask me to confirm, which would have taken the whole issue to be wrapped up within 336 minutes, that’s a whopping 118 minutes from being picked up by Jack.

3rd were @Nectar: ^LW provided me with two options:

  • An email address: I know, I was shocked too! , #SocialLast!

  • An online system: At this point it took every ounce of me not to stick to my medium of choice.

I took the online system… I might be careless, but I am certainly not crazy, after all 71% of email users revert back to phone.

I was transferred to Hussain via webchat, he took my details and got the new card ordered pretty quickly. The whole issue was wrapped up within 43 minutes, that’s 18 minutes from being picked up by ^LW.

The verdict

1st was @Tesco: Mike was personable, owned the conversation and took me to a successful resolution. Mike also took a #SocialFirst approach going over and above to offer my balance and also looking for additional cards in my name.

My card arrived in two weeks.

2nd was @Morrisons: Jack was helpful and provided the information I needed, he also owned the conversation. His let down was taking 202 minutes to get to me. That’s 50% of my monthly call allowance (84% were I to wait for the confirmation)!

My card arrived in two weeks, almost to the day of Tesco.

3rd was @Nectar: ^LW was first out the gates, a promising start. However, having to speak with two agents, go to a separate channel (I did not request and the other brands proved was unnecessary), means I was left a bit exhausted by the experience, not to mention the cost to Nectar themselves.

I am still waiting for my card and have not got round to ordering another. A note to @Sainsburys, @Argos, @Homebase & @ebay (Nectar partners) neither will I shop with you until I get round to reordering this.


Two years ago I would have crucified @Tesco and @Morrisons for their response times, I still think they should have been a lot lower. However, I was getting on with my work and as a customer didn’t mind about response times so much, if I’m honest.

While it was great to see Nectar being so proactive, the time from picking up the message to resolution is fairly similar between the three (exc. Jack’s time to confirm). This is reassuring as it shows each company takes about the same to resolve the issue.

I decided to take this further and investigate if I was an anomaly or the norm, below is a ranking of their social #CustomerService from the past 30 days:


@Tesco Excellent 


@Nectar Good


@Morrissons Average 

Seems the statistics agree, the gap between good and great isn’t as far as you might think.

So what is the #SocialFirst lesson here?

It seems to be about having a properly organized and well executed system of delivering service to your customers, where they are asking for it, and where you can deliver it. Simple really, be quick, be considerate to the customer’s channel of choice and be personable, in sum be #SocialFirst.

If you have any questions on how to make your brand more #SocialFirst and less #SocialLast, feel free to reach out; @GeorgeTwizell

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