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LeWeb London - ‘Social + Big Data: The Next Wave of Innovation’

By Rachel Tran on Jun 19, 2013 12:01:00 PM

Earlier this month, Conversocial CEO Joshua March spoke at LeWeb London’s Datasift Workshop ‘Social + Big Data: The Next Wave of Innovation’.

Hosted by Datasift’s CEO Rob Bailey, Josh featured on the panel alongside Francesco D'Orazio from strategic insight agency, Facegroup and Andy Littledale from Social Television Analytics service, SecondSync.

Social and big data are joining together to unlock new market insights and unearth brand new business opportunities for companies of all sizes. Datasift’s workshop explored the transformation of the social eco-system, and why social is becoming critical to decision making across the enterprise. Three of today’s coolest, and most innovative social companies came together to showcase how they use social and big data solutions within their businesses – sharing insights into their strategy, technology and market opportunities.

At Conversocial, we use Datasift’s technology to help power our social customer service platform. Filtering information from the Twitter firehose allows our customers to provide proactive customer service to their consumers online, and find tweets which are most relevant to respond to in record time.

An age old debate: social influence and customer care

If you are a customer with a high following, will you be offered faster and better customer service than the customer who is not as active on Twitter? New technologies present us with alternative and often intriguing information about our customers compares, that falls outside of traditional CRM, but how should this new information be harnessed?

Rob Bailey of DataSift argues that not all companies are built equally on social and the same applies to consumers – the more followers you have the more powerful your ‘voice’ will be. Our philosophy for social customer care is a little different; no matter what the social influence, paying customers are all looking for the same exceptional, speedy and efficient service, and are all influenced in their purchasing decisions by the experience you offer.

But what about opportunities for proactive outreach, that can be unlocked thanks to the vast data available for people discussing your brand indirectly? Expectations for proactive customer service still aren’t as high as those for reactive support. Not every customer mentions your company to grab your attention, so they might not be expecting that you speak back. High social influence could be an important factor when you’re selecting who to proactively engage with, but like any strategy it’s important to establish why you’re doing it. Consider who you should reply to and when to deliver the maximum impact for your customers’ experiences of your brand, then keep it consistent. And always be on top of those consumer expectations - your customers might not be waiting for you to respond to these problems today, but they might be tomorrow.

Catch up on the talk with the full video below for Josh’s insights on:

  • The best times for consumers to tweet a company.

  • The realities of a social media crises – during a recent communications crisis, one company found that 91% of communication their call centre received was through social media.

  • The cost of redirecting customers back to traditional channels and the negative customer sentiment it causes.

  • How Social Customer Service can save you money.

  • Customers’ demands for a new level of service over social channels.

  • How travel companies can set an example for minute-to-minute analysis of social data.

Find out more about Conversocial and how our technology can help you deliver social customer service by downloading the new second edition of our Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service.

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