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Latest Release: Respond Before the Crisis with Conversocial’s Social Alerts

By Rachel Tran on Oct 24, 2012 4:39:00 PM

It’s important to deliver an excellent customer experience no matter what the circumstance. We’re excited to announce “Social Alerts” to help you deliver a quick response to bubbling social media crises, and protect your brand.

Latest Release: Respond Before the Crisis with Conversocial’s Social Alerts

Social Alerts is the latest addition to our Priority Response Engine, helping you to direct your team to handle the highest priority customer messages of all. Social Alertsprovide early detection of bubbling social crises, bringing to attention any unexpected spike in incoming social interactions. Social Alerts warn you when a potential social crisis might arise with timely notifications, allowing customer service and communications teams to pick up on the issue immediately and respond quickly and effectively.

With more and more consumers using social media as their chosen channel to get customer service, the chances of issues breaking out on social networks and going viral is higher than ever. A study by Altimeter found that the top cause of social media crises is the exposure of poor experiences; such stories make their way into mainstream media every week.

social media crisis can have a whole host of root causes, from a social media blunder or viral customer complaint to a marketing campaign backlash. But with the right tools and processes in place you can turn potential crises into yesterday’s grumbles. Our Social Alerts integrates volume forecasting and streamlines notifications to identify you of unusual increases in customer messages and activity on each post. 

Alex Packham, Social Media Executive at ODEON will be the first Conversocial customer to use Social Alerts to stay on top of developing social media issues, “When experiencing large volumes of enquires via Facebook, it can often be too late to take pre-emptive action, and makes it very tricky to stay in dialogue with your customers in real timeConversocial's Social Alerts mean that we can continue to scale up our social team with confidence that the right people are aware of changed rules of play, immediately."

Our Social Alerts system informs the right people in your team whenever there is an unusual spike of activity on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, so that they can assess the situation and decide what action should be taken to avoid a social media issue spiralling out of control. With the help of Social Alerts and our collaborative Social Customer Service software, you can identify and prevent a social media crisis before it happens – helping you protect your brand’s reputation.

If you want to find out more about how Social Alerts can help your business, get in contact with us here, or drop an email to our ever-helpful sales team on sales@conversocial.com. Social Alerts can currently be trialled in beta, and will be available for general release in November.

Download our latest “Social Response Before the Crisis” quick guide here for more information on how to protect your brand from potential social media crises.

Got any suggestion for what you’d like to hear from us? Send them over to Rachel@conversocial.com or @Conversocial. We’re always looking for new ideas!

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