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Keeping Up With The Conversation: Conversocial's Priority Response Engine

By Dan Wong on Jul 18, 2012 1:53:00 PM

Our new blog series - brought to you by Conversocial’s Customer Happiness Manager, Dan Wong - will take you through how to get the most from Conversocial, step by step.

Keeping Up With The Conversation: Conversocial's Priority Response Engine

Social channels are only getting busier, and every day more and customer service queries are coming through to companies’ Facebook pages and Twitter handles. Still, our research shows that 49% of these messages are just general chatter. So how can you filter out the messages that need the most attention in the shortest amount of time? This is a unique problem, but there are a few things that Conversocial can do to help.

We call these things our Priority Response Engine, which ensures that you can identify and respond to your customers’ issues as quickly and effectively as possible.PRE combines intelligent prioritization software with team-based workflow to ensure the right person receives customers’ messages as quickly as possible, and has the right information to respond appropriately.

Making the Most of Conversocial’s PRE to stay on top of social conversations:

  • We’ve developed an easy and effective workflow to help you put your efforts where it counts. Conversocial routes your most urgent messages to your Priority Inbox, so that these can be responded to quickly. Our intelligent prioritization uses natural language processing and looks at whether you’re already in a conversation with a customer to identify real customer service issues. Tip: Customise this to make sure it’s right for your business - messages about particular products and services that you want to give your attention to first can be prioritized by setting up bespoke Priority keyword lists.
  • You can see a complete conversation history for your customers as you process their incoming messages. Seeing where you or your teammates are in the conversation, or even any past issues or complaints enables you to deliver the most appropriate response, and demonstrate that you’re aware of their problem in its entirety.  Trick: Open up a full social profile for your customer by clicking on their profile picture to show a full history of not just all their interactions, but historic tags and sentiment for these messages.
  • If you are not the right person to respond to the message, or you need more information, you can assign the message to the right person to handle it. For example, if a customer raises a technical issue that needs input from dedicated member of your team, you can assign it over to them. Tip: Use the option of leaving a note on an assigned message to fully explain why you’ve passed it over. Make it clear whether someone is expected to deal with the message, or provide information and fire it back.
  • Complete visibility of all messages makes sure that nothing slips through the net, and teams can easily process everything that needs attention with quick and simple keyboard shortcuts. When everything in the Priority Inbox has been dealt with, you can continue to check the rest, filtered into your separate Inbox or @mentions folder.Tip: Order your Inbox 'oldest first' if you'd like to address the messages which have been waiting longest, quicker.  Some Conversocial customers use the Inbox filter to review Facebook posts before comments, as customers often raise service issues on the wall. 
  • Once a message is dealt with it can be archived. This makes it easier for teams to only see the messages that they need to deal with, and to process them more efficiently.Trick: Archive everything! Your messages are stored in the Conversocial archive so you can review their content later, but this way you avoid the clutter of messages that have already been seen by someone in the team.

Conversocial Pros - got any tips and tricks to share on how you manage your customers’ comments and tweets? Share them with us in the comments below!

If you’d like to learn more about using Conversocial to keep on top of your social conversations, get in touch! Just drop an email to support@conversocial.com  or tweet @conversocial and one of the team will be more than happy to help.

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