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Jingle Bells, Tesco Rocks, Social’s Here to Stay - Tesco’s Social #CustServ #SocialFirst

By Luke Duffy on Dec 22, 2015 9:38:03 AM

iStock_000071636237_Large.jpgTesco is a giant. Not only is it the biggest supermarket chain in the UK (with over 7,800 stores worldwide), it is also one of the biggest retailers in the world.  Being the third largest retailer by profits and the second largest by revenue makes Tesco’s operations mammoth.

Big Reputations Mean Big Responsibility

It takes super-human-like customer service agents to stay on top of their 50,000+ inbound messages periodically*, and with Tesco's volumes continually growing (up 2% from July) resourcing is constantly being revisited. Social is also growing up as a viable customer service channel for Tesco as well, now representing over 12% (50k) of messages per week. As you can imagine, they are constantly reviewing their resources to ensure they’re on top. Failure to resource correctly could be fatal. Around the holidays especially, it only takes one slight slip up to throw you behind days (not hours) in your service operations.

Tesco’s Dedicated Team of Holiday Elves

  • They have a dedicated headcount of 150 social agents, working 24 hours a day during the holiday season.
  • Hours are 24/7 apart from Christmas Eve, and 10am - 4pm Christmas Day (yes they really are that dedicated). 
  • Boxing Day is 7am - 7pm as is New Year’s Eve, with the team start bright and early at 6am on New Year’s Day (probably best not to excessively take advantage of their Tesco Finest Mulled Wine offers then!)
  • The team targets 8 replies per hour as a baseline, but aim for 12.
  • There are constant one-to-ones with line management to ensure targets are consistently hit.

Blog_Infographic_v2.pngReplies are personalized and fun to ensure that the brand is engaging, rather than just a plain old customer service channel. They’ve become pretty well known for being maybe a tad risky on Social, but it consistently earns them rave reviews in the press for their tongue-in-cheek approach. Tesco has tweeted Drake, had rap battles with competitors and got their customers involved in their infamous “follow challenges” (Tesco won’t just follow you for no reason, you’ve got to EARN the right)!



Tesco even made the news for their hilarious response to a very tongue-in-cheek bacon related complaint!

After building such a great relationship with Tesco over the past 4 years, it was our job to step in and see how we could help such a great team cut down their contacts and improve their handling times if possible to ensure that a consistently excellent service was provided. We introduced them to PLAY. Since using PLAY, Tesco has halved their response time, reduced their AHT by 2 minutes, and cut 1 hour from their First Response Time, jumping down from 1 hour 42 minutes, to 52 minutes.

Helping Tesco deliver memorable customer experiences over social during the peak holiday season is a pleasure.  With a combination of progressive social care and pure hard work, it’s clear that Tesco will continue to be a force in the Social world for many more years to come.

*per week on Social

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