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'It's like waiting for a reply from a girl but on a public platform'

Imisi Adefala
By Imisi Adefala on Dec 16, 2015 3:36:00 AM
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top_51.jpgYes they were the words that came out of my mouth in one of my first presentations to a room filled with top level executives. I was of course speaking about social customer service; isn't it obvious?

On Thursday 26th of November, Conversocial was invited to sponsor the CC TOP 50 conference at the UBM building in Southwark. It’s a prestigious event held yearly where major brands from all over the UK gather to share best practices within their respective operations. My colleague and I were tasked with representing Conversocial with a presentation around the future of social customer service. This included touching on our new partnership with Instagram, the development of Facebook Messenger, and our thoughts on where social media customer service may be heading (of course in our humble opinion).

As the day went on, it became apparent that some executives were concerned about who would manage their social channels. Being in the public domain added that extra feeling of nervousness to really engage with customers in the way that they’d like. Questions ranged from who would you let manage the channel? How do you prevent or hide inappropriate comments? What if a new employee ruined the brand name? To put it bluntly some had a tunnel-vision view of social media... but what about the customer I thought?

Think about it; you have a modest following on Twitter consisting of your friends and distant family members. Now imagine you’ve just had a bad experience with a company. You want to vent by sharing your experience on Social (let’s face it, we all do once in a while!). Or maybe you just want to ask a question? Hours pass by and you still receive no response, no acknowledgement that you are upset, just a complete blank. Finally it’s the next day, you get back from work, tired from a long day and you (finally) get a tweet back from the company saying:

'sorry about your inconvenience please call us on 07.....

The worst thing about it is that all of your loyal followers can see this major fail too. They probably say the same thing to all of their customers, plus they took forever to respond and then treated you like you're not even worth their time.

Now imagine getting that type of treatment from the opposite sex - heartbreaking! It’s the equivalent of receiving an 'lol' or a 'kk' 12 hours after you slid into their DMs.

That's an insult! Out of self respect and to save your dignity, you're not going to text that person again. Why would you? You're going to move on. That potential partner has potentially missed out on a life partner and in customer service terms, that brand has lost a loyal customer.

The moral of the story is that brands should always make sure that they are responding quickly and in a personalized manner to their customers, or they risk being replaced by a brand that cares. Oh, and can " you know who" please reply to my text!

For more info feel free to DM me or follow me on twitter at @ImisioAde.

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