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It’s Here! Conversocial Enterprise V2: Next Generation Social Customer Service Software

By Rachel Tran on Dec 20, 2012 5:41:00 PM

Our development team has been hard at work for our latest release, building the most advanced Social Customer Service Solution money can buy (if we may say so ourselves). 

Here’s introducing Enterprise V2.

Our new Enterprise edition arms our customers with the tools they need to manage growing customer demand for service through social channels. Our recent researchhas found that more customers are bringing questions and complaints to social channels, and brands are responding by plugging in more resources so they can speak back.

We commissioned Liel Leibovitz, Assistant Professor of Communications at NYU, to investigate the development of Facebook as a customer engagement channel over the past year. Consumers’ outreach to brands on this most popular social network has grown dramatically. Liel and his team analyzed the number of Facebook messages posted to the walls of America’s 10 biggest brands, and found a whopping 459% growth from Thanksgiving 2011 to 2012.

And in an investigation into our own customers’ growth over the past year, “Evolving Social Customer Service”, we noticed a massive increase in the number of replies sent out from our brands to their fans and followers. We found a 300 percent growth in the number of replies sent out by these brands, with a 400% growth for Twitter. Leading brands have become significantly more responsive in 2012 than they were in 2011. 

Our report unearthed a greater use of Twitter than Facebook as a customer service channel, but Facebook is creeping up.  A look at private messages on social networks suggests that this could change still in the coming year. As the first provider to integrate Facebook messages, we tracked the number of incoming and outgoing private messages on Facebook since its launch 9 months ago. Facebook private messages have skyrocketed, compared with Twitter’s Direct Messages. It seems consumers and brands alike have seized the opportunity to use Facebook’s flexible messaging platform to handle issues fully through social media. 

After speaking with our customers, who are dealing with this surge in social customer service inquiries every day, we set about developing some shiny new features to help them stay on top. 

Advanced Prioritization – Say Goodbye to Clutter!

We’ve given our Priority Response Engine (PRE) an upgrade! Now social customer service teams have a completely custom system of operation - PRE prioritizes messages for your agents that need a response, based on patterns of messages they’ve responded to before.  And what’s more, this nifty bit of technology adapts and learns as you develop your social customer service strategy, ensuring that agents can deal with what’s important for your customers, first.  The more you interact with customers through Conversocial, the more accurate the PRE workflow gets.

Social Alerts - Say Goodbye to Social Media Crises

Earlier-than-early notifications mean that social customer service and communications teams can pick up on spreading social media issues immediately, and deliver the right response. We track what’s normal for your account activity, and detect any unusual increase in customer messages or particularly active Facebook fan posts. That way, the right people in your company know straight away when there’s something worth checking out. Conversocial’s collaborative response tools allow you to take decisive action before an issue spirals out of control.

Message Approval Workflow – Say Goodbye to Bottlenecks!

We’ve introduced a Message Approval Workflow, making it quicker, easier and more effective to regulate agents’ public responses. With quick alerts and clear calls to action for the entire team, the Approval Workflow allows managers to deal with public replies for approval from wherever they are and remove unnecessary steps in social customer service process. From training to quality control, our approval settings can be used to bring customer service agents on board risk-free.

Business Hours – Say Goodbye to Vanity Metrics!

Enterprise V2 now features fully customisable business hour settings. Meaning you can accurately review your responsiveness and agent performance in line with real working hours. And this can help you do some pretty clever stuff too. When compared with Conversocial’s analytics for incoming and outgoing message patterns, you can make important resourcing decisions. Is a backlog from the evening stopping your team from meeting their SLAs in the morning? Perhaps it’s time to look at extending those opening hours. 

Our complete Enterprise arsenal helps businesses overcome the challenges of delivering customer service at scale on social channels. We’re helping social media move into the contact center, but know that social customer engagement is a company-wide concern. Social media for customer service, for the company, is here to stay.

Be sure to download our full report, Evolving Customer Service: A Report on Social Customer Service in 2012 and Forecasts for 2013, for more on how social customer service has grown over the last year.

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