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Is Walmart Responding the Right Way on Twitter? Conversocial CEO Discusses on Fox Business

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Oct 23, 2013 8:48:00 AM

Conversocial CEO Josh March once again appeared on Fox Business on Monday, this time to discuss how major brands like Walmart should be responding to customers - and potential trolls - on Twitter. Below are a few choice quotes. Click here to watch the full segment.

Melissa: Was it worthwhile for the Walmart employee to go on and engage this person [who responded to a Tweet by Walmart with strong criticism]?
Josh: If companies...think they can use social as a one-way marketing push, they're wrong. Consumers are there and they want to be heard. By showing that you're listening and actually helping customers through those channels, it can have a major brand benefit.
Melissa: Walmart sent the user a link in this case. Is that enough?
Josh: ...One of the biggest issues with companies who are doing social customer service today is that they're responding to customers but they're not actually resolving their issues. Too many companies are saying email us or phone us. A lot of people Tweeting have already emailed and already phoned.
Melissa: On a given day, how do you sort through it all? Is there a computer program for that? On a given day how do you sort through the Tweets. Which ones do you answer and which ones do you ignore as internet crazies?
Josh: ...Walmart often receives over 250 @mentions per hour. When you're getting those kinds of volumes, it's essential that you're sorting it. This isn't like email customer service, where every email's a problem. You have massive amounts of general chit chat on Twitter and general chit chat on Facebook and so if you want to be able to filter through that and find the ones that need response, it's really essential that you use software to do that. That's one of the things we do for our clients.

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