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Introducing Average Handling Time for Social Customer Service

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Apr 16, 2014 12:59:00 PM


Today, Conversocial is excited to announce the release of Average Handling Time (AHT).

While AHT has been around for years on other service channels, we are proud to be the first to offer this for social media. Average Handling Time enables team leads, supervisors and managers in contact centers to understand how long it takes for agents to view and action customer service issues over social media.

Once called a fad that would fail to earn its place among mainstream customer service, customers now expect swift and complete resolution of their issues when they reach out to brands on social media channels.

While many of the world’s largest brands have taken significant steps to provide excellent social customer service, effectively tracking performance of social agents has been a challenge for quite some time. For social to be a serious player in the multichannel environment, managers need to be able to measure and resource agents using customer service measures similar to those used for other channels.

“While social is fundamentally different from all other customer service channels, it’s vital that brands are able to compare agent performance on social to more traditional channels such as voice and email,” says Joshua March, Founder and CEO of Conversocial. “With Average Handling Time and our other real time metrics, managers can not only rate, track and manage agent performance, but also determine how to best resource their teams.”

The release offers three key benefits for team leads, supervisors and managers:

  • Manage agent performance. AHT enables brands to understand how long agents are taking to resolve a query. Taking too little time can mean a lack of attention to the customer (which creates a poor customer experience). Taking too long can indicate performance issues or training needs.
  • Manage resourcing. By understanding AHT across the team, a manager can judge the correct staffing levels for a given volume. In real time, a manager can keep an eye on changing AHT levels in the Dashboard and adjust process or team numbers during the day.
  • Measure ROI. Calculating AHT on social provides a metric that can be meaningfully compared across channels, helping to quantify the cost-saving of delivering customer service over social media.

Conversocial is uniquely suited to provide this feature as a result of its Conversations workflow, which intelligently threads together related messages––both public and private––from a customer into a single conversation. This enables managers to track key service metrics based on a complete conversation between an agent and customer, rather than individual social messages.

To find out more regarding AHT––plus more metrics to measure social customer service––register for our webinar on "Measuring the Performance of Social Customer Service" next week below.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar

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