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Infographic: Customers Crave Personalized Support in a Social World

By Anna Drennan on May 2, 2013 11:31:00 AM

The future of the contact center is an ever-present question for companies wanting to meet and beat expectations for service in a progressively social world. 

Five9 recently released an infographic that breaks down just how important adapting to a new kind of customer service will become over the coming months and years. “Talk to me - Customers Crave Personalized Customer Service in a Social World” looks at what the social shift means for customer service.


"Customer Care is Vital"

It’s true. Customer retention makes more sense than acquisition, and great service is key to achieving it. In a world with so much choice of products, we (the consumer) can easily go elsewhere when companies disappoint. In our research at Conversocial, we’ve found that how you treat others matters too in a world where consumers are highly connected; over 88% of consumers are less likely to buy from a brand seen to ignore complaints and questions. 

“The Social Media Shift”

Now that the majority of us have used social media for customer service, and show staggering churn rates when we're ignored, it's clear that good customer care on social media isn’t just a nice to have, but critical to maintaining good customer relationships. What’s just as significant to this shift as the convenience of and preference for new channels is the power re-allocated to the customer, and the transparency a social relationship demands. 

The contact center is still king? How about a Social Engagement Hub?

Departmental silos can only be your problem. As customers, we have never wanted a fragmented, inconsistent experience from the companies we buy from. We understand that customer service departments exist, but we don’t like the contact center treatment. It takes too long, and it doesn’t feel nice. We're not happy with it, but for a long time it's been all we've had. Our continued recourse to the contact center isn’t because we want the processes and the rigmarole, but because we've got ever-changing needs and we want companies to be there for them.

Social has brought about new rules of engagement, which is far more significant than any new technology. At Conversocial, we’re working towards the future of The Social Engagement Hub. This re-imagination of the contact center puts customers in touch with the people who have the information they need (customer service) but it also connects those representatives heavily into the rest of the business. They’re supported by marketing - so that we can have a more enjoyable customer experience - and they’re feeding insight into product and research teams - who can develop that experience to better meet our needs. If the contact center is still king, the social shift has forced it to adapt to keep its crown.

What are your thoughts on how social trends will impact the role of the contact center over the next five years? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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