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Humanity @ Scale: Conversocial Company Kick Off 2016

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Feb 5, 2016 9:14:00 AM

Amsterdam_Blog.jpgLast week, Conversocial’s global team, stretching across four continents, descended on Amsterdam for our annual Company Kick Off. The theme of this year’s company conference was Humanity @ Scale, with the focus on learning from each other while aligning globally and preparing for the year ahead (as well as having some fun at the same time).

But what does Humanity @ Scale mean for Conversocial and our clients? And what did I take away from the two days? Here are a few of my key takeaways….

Set your company vision

Josh March, Conversocial CEO and Founder, delivered the Conversocial mission for 2016. Namely, to continuously innovate and deliver enterprise customer service applications, designed to help our customers effectively serve the social customer.

Alongside our company mission, Josh presented the idea of a cultural shift toward Humanity @ Scale. It is about embracing social customer service and adapting to its culture with confidence at scale, to meet your customers where they are, on the first channel they own.

Over the years we’ve seen social media mature as a customer service channel. 2015 was the year that social grew up. In 2016 social no longer needs to - it is the most personal and effective service channel available to customers. But as volumes increase, quality often suffers. Humanity @ Scale means facing these challenge head on, growing your team in line with consumer demands, and remaining true to what made social ‘social’ - the human element.

Back it up with company culture

One differentiator (according to our clients) for Conversocial is that our company culture sets us apart, both in our industry and as a business. Our aim is to become over 100 strong this year, and culture for us as a team is as strong as ever. We work hard as individuals and as a team to stay true to our values.

To quote our CMO, Paul Johns, culture depends on company vision. “The real challenge is to ensure that every employee feels an emotional connection to that vision, to believe their individual contribution has some material impact.  Without that connection, a company vision is just that—a vision the company has, without buy-in and support from the people you need to help execute it.”

Deliver a best in class product

We at Conversocial, for obvious reasons, believe that you don’t use a spatula to chop a lettuce. You need a knife, a tool built for purpose. Social is the same, and this becomes even more critical when you take into account ability to scale. You need a platform built for purpose that scales with you.

But social service is one part of your customer stack. You need best of breed tools that meet all your needs. That’s why it was exciting to hear about Conversocial’s commercial partnerships, both established in 2105 and what’s to come.  

For example, our recently announced partnership with Synthesio. The agreement looks to combine the power of social data insights from Synthesio’s leading global social intelligence platform and integrate it with Conversocial’s robust enterprise-class platform. The two platforms provide data and insights to each other. This empowers  brands to truly understand their consumers so they can provide relevant and appropriate customer service.

We are also announcing a similar partnership with Brandwatch for 2016 to provide social customer service teams with a best-in-class solution to their listening and customer services strategy.

Whatever you think of the theme Humanity @ Scale,  at its core the message is the same. The key to delivering genuine, warm-blooded engagements at scale is simple for us: a passionate CEO driving performance, a great company culture and a killer product roadmap. Add in over 200 #SocialFirst clients, many who are market leaders in social care, and you have a recipe for success.

So what did I ultimately take away? Sounds simple, but the best resources sit with you every day, side by side. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget that your colleagues truly are the experts in their fields. Bounce ideas off of them, ask their opinions and most of all trust their advice.

I’m excited for the year ahead here at Conversocial, we can’t wait to share what’s coming up with our current customers and welcoming new ones.

Here’s to 2016!

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