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How We Created Our Five Values

Joshua March
By Joshua March on Oct 12, 2016 2:26:10 PM

Maintaining Culture, At Scale

August marked Conversocial’s sixth year anniversary. Over the last six years we’ve opened four global offices, hired over one hundred dedicated #SocialFirst employees, and grown our customer base to over 250 companies. I’ve always been really proud of the culture that we’ve created—we have an amazing team of extremely talented, hard-working people who are passionate about our vision, customers, and each other. It’s something that our customers and partners often bring up when they spend time with us. As we continue our growth trajectory, it’s important that we’re conscious about the culture we’re creating, and how to maintain our core values.

“Working with Conversocial is as inspiring and rewarding as it is fun. There’s an immense sense of purpose, and despite our growth, we’re able to preserve our spirited culture”

—Jamie Forseth, Global Head of Client Services

This year we started to do quarterly employee culture surveys, enabling everyone in the company to give anonymous feedback on their work, their teams and the company as a whole. While the team understood and felt aligned with our mission (help our clients deliver service to their customers, wherever they are), there were multiple questions on the exact definition of our company values (it was clear we had them, but they weren’t officially written down and formally passed on to new employees.)

Done correctly, company values should create a clear decision-making framework that guides how we work and how we relate to each other as a team. Thinking back over the past few years, there were a number of common themes that we viewed as a core component of our success. I personally wrote these down into a first draft of our values, shared them with various employees across the organization to get feedback on what resonated, and then refined and presented them more widely. Here’s the final list:

Conversocial’s Five Values


Customers First

  • Always go the extra mile to ensure we’re delivering the best service to our customers, in all areas

Our clients and partners are the bloodline of our business. They are more than just a revenue stream: their success is truly our own. When our clients use Conversocial to deliver large-scale, efficient and effective resolution to their customers, it not only increases loyalty and retention KPIs for them, but also helps to reflect our story and reinforce our mission. We simply could not exist in isolation of our clients, which is why our first value is to go the extra mile for them. This is reflected in our investment in Customer Success, but it doesn’t stop therewe expect everyone on the team to incorporate this value in their day-to-day.

Conversocial offers more than just a product to our clients, too. We aim to help our clients solve real business problems with a holistic partnership that encompasses strategy sessions, QBRs, Customer Advisory Boards, an opportunity to influence our roadmap direction, and in-depth discussions on the future of Social and Digital Customer Care.


Commitment to each other

  • Focus on performance. Don’t let each other down, hold each other accountable.
  • Care about each other as people, not just at work. Friends as well as colleagues.

Despite the growth that we’ve experienced, we’re still a young company, which means that our team members are the only true judges of our professional and personal development. Our second value is about commitment to each other as a team: we encourage employees to hold each other accountable, challenge each other, and work together to build a greater outcomebuilding great friendships along the way.

“My experience working at Conversocial has given me the opportunity to work alongside intelligent and hard-working people who have truly become personal friends of mine outside of the office.”

—Glenn Pacitti, Account Executive



  • Keep learning and progressing, and share your learnings with each other
  • Don’t sit on your hands. Be creative and innovative in your role, without waiting to be told.
  • Move quickly, with a sense of urgency. Our industry is changing rapidly, and we have to as well.

The social and digital landscape is changing so rapidly that our team cannot afford to sit on our hands and do nothing for even a second. Although as we’ve grown we’ve developed processes that ensure we’re communicating effectively with each other and delivering the best experience to our customers, we’re still an entrepreneurial company that avoids micromanagement. It’s up to everyone on the team to take initiative and be innovative in their roles, without waiting to be told what to do. Everything we do must have value, a sense of urgency, and impact our mission directly.

“Conversocial has made me feel like I was an integral part of the team by empowering me to investigate and improve processes that impact the company’s growth and success”

—Conor Chocheles, Support Analyst


  • Our position in the market is based on being real experts in our industry
  • Every one of us needs to know the market and stay up to date. Be active on social media, develop a personal brand, and demonstrate your expertise

Our leadership position in the market relies on our expertise in customer service over the ever-changing landscape of social media and mobile messaging. Our fourth value is about really owning that expertise in every shape and formby researching and challenging the market, developing personal brands on social, participating in peer-to-peer dialogue, and committing to thought-leadership.

One of our employees, for instance, recently took it up to himself to put together and circulate a weekly gaming industry roundup to members of our CROWD’s sales and product teams. In order to win we don’t just keep up with this market, we stay ahead of it.

Integrity and transparency

  • We believe that honesty and openness are key to building successful relationships over time—internally and externally.
  • Every one of us should act in the best interests of the company—but we can only do that if everyone has as much complete information about the business as possible.

Last but not least, we believe that honesty and openness are key to building successful relationships over time—internally and externally. Every one of us acts in the best interests of the company, but we can only do that if everyone has as much complete information about the business as possible. For instance, we use a system of quarterly Objectives and Key Results where the performance of every team is shared in real-time across the whole company; and we even practice complete salary transparency within our engineering team. We always default to openness—including with our clients.

Building a Culture For Success

Growth has been a key component to our long-term strategy, but that growth isn’t worth anything if our culture isn’t strong. When the culture is right, employees can focus on doing the right thing. They can be independent and entrepreneurial. And, most importantly, they can continue to fuel even stronger growth.

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