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How to Level-up from Contact Centre to Social Engagement Hub

By Anna Drennan on Jul 1, 2013 12:16:00 PM

You’ve determined where you are on the road to Social Customer Service Nirvana, and now looking to start build Social Engagement Hub to take your program to the next step. 


Making the transition to a social way of delivering customer service - internally, and externally - is a daunting process, that does require a re-evaluation of some of the ways in which you do business. But fear not, as we take you through a few fundamentals to ensure you have everything covered.

A Social Engagement Hub is the people, processes and tools needed to deliver a great customer experience over social channels. It's better connected than the Contact Centre, and focused on delivering real value both to customers and to the business. Social communication not only presents completely new demands for a company to deliver a new kind of relationship with customers, but offers brand new routes to customer insight. When you get it right, your company can cease imposing siloes on customers and deliver everything they need through just one voice. 


Every company has a different internal structure. When working out what your Social Engagement Hub looks like, who you have in your machine, and how they connect, take a look at your resources for social customer care. If you don't have each of these needs covered, it might be time to make some changes. 

Customer Service

The heart of your Social Engagement Hub should be a Social Customer Service team. By giving customer service a voice on social you are leveraging these channels as a real-time information tool, and not purely  as a megaphone for marketing material. Social Customer Service agents have the information customers seek, and are in the best position to connect customers with the business.

Brand Protection

When ramping up public customer service, an essential consideration for a Social Engagement Hub is brand protection. Having the right team structure to deal with escalated, sensitive issues is an important safeguard, as certain customer messages can’t be dealt with by your agents single-handedly. Service managers may be required to sign off a certain number of conversations each day, or to approve trainee agents’ public messages. Communications Managers may need to become more active in providing approved responses when a crisis hits.

Marketing Effectiveness

For your Social Engagement Hub to work efficiently across your business it is vital that customer service and marketing teams work together to keep messaging, engagement and sales initiative in line. Your Social Engagement Hub should have one consistent brand presence and a unified voice – avoiding split social personality is crucial.

Insight and Reporting

Setting up a direct chain between Social Customer Service and product or customer insight teams is one of the fastest ways to pick up on supply chain issues, customer opinion or campaign effectiveness.

Our Quick Guide to Creating a Social Engagement Hub is essential reading for any company looking to organize resources for the best social customer service -download it for free today.

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