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How Openreach Launched their Social Care Operation in Partnership with Conversocial

Michael Bretton
By Michael Bretton on Feb 13, 2018 4:18:00 AM
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While telecommunication companies are the vanguard of sleek, modern digital communication, underneath they are weighed down by vastly complex organizational structures. Many operate both fixed-line as well as wireless networks, with both business and consumer audiences, domestically and internationally. They have incredibly complicated product offerings and backend support systems reliant on armies of engineers, and yet must package these offerings into a simple menu for customers. Regulations treat these public companies akin to utilities, hampering their ability to respond nimbly, and most have a long trail of legacy systems inherited through divisions and acquisitions.

This environment places a heavy burden on their support organizations, as their agents must navigate multiple, simultaneous and occasionally overlapping software systems, seek the help of subject matter experts, and appear as one united organization in what often feels like a conglomerate. As a result, resolving customer issues can be expensive and time consuming. Under these circumstances, the support organizations themselves may crave the same simplicity that consumers do.

That's why, considering the unique market issues they face, laying the foundations for social care success was business critical for Openreach.

Openreach, Britain’s digital network business and a Conversocial partner, knew that they had to modernize their service offering, meeting their customers on the digital channels they expected. Today, in partnership with Openreach, we released a new case study addressing “How Openreach Launched their Social Care Operation in Partnership with Conversocial”.

The study looks at how Openreach, in partnership with Conversocial, took a measured approach to social customer care, allowing them to scale at a pace which fit their operation.

Read about Openreach's social care journey here as well as Conversocial’s top 5 steps to take when creating your Social Customer Care Playbook. 

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