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How O2 Saves the Day, Again: #GiveTerryHisGlastoTickets

By Rachel Tran on Jun 14, 2013 11:59:00 AM

Mobile network provider O2 shows us how they shine with proactive customer service by taking advantage of a social media slipup from their competitors, EE. 

Last month EE ran a competition on Twitter where participants had to get their creative juices flowing to recreate famous album covers for a chance to win Glastonbury tickets. The competition received so much attention, they decided to extend it to Facebook, but the promotions team failed to update their terms and conditions – leaving 5 winners prize-less. EE’s attempt to redeem themselves with a consolation prize of Ticketmaster vouchers to the value of Glastonbury Tickets was not good enough, especially for one “winner”, Terry Finnegan.

But, how exactly did O2 approach the situation to get one up on their major rival using Twitter?

Like many of today’s consumers, Finnegan took to Twitter to complain directly to EE and started up his own hashtag “#GiveTerryHisGlastoTickets”. This hashtag has now accumulated hundreds of tweets and retweets, making EE’s mistake known across Twitter, and getting the attention of O2. 

Much to O2’s delight, EE’s blunder was a perfect opportunity for them step up as the hero by offering a prize to trump EE’s offer by tenfold – a year’s worth of 02 Academy Tickets.

This is not the first time O2 has managed to turn a negative social situation into a positive. Last year, after suffering from a major network problem, customers flocked to Twitter to vent their anger. Instead of ignoring the thousands of complaints online, O2 managed to turn the situation on its head and even create a positive buzz with their speedy, witty and informative responses.

O2 used Twitter to proactively seek out a great business opportunity, and identified the perfect moment to jump in on a rival’s conversation. By exceeding this one customer’s expectations, O2 seized the chance to convert a dissatisfied consumer, and perhaps others who could witness the brand’s effective customer service. This is a great example of the benefits of being proactive in engaging with consumers over social media.   

But of course playing the “Hero Vs Baddie” card meant it was only a matter of time before EE made a comeback. They’ve retracted their original offer and will be giving all the deserving winners the actual prize. Although every spectator knows this wouldn’t have happened if not for O2’s quick reaction. 

The real winner to come out of all of this, however, is Terry. He proves that fast thinking and using social media to complain to a company with a simple # can prove to be more effective than anticipated - bagging himself not only Glastonbury Tickets, but a year’s worth of Academy Tickets!

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