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Spotlight: How Marketing and Customer Service Teams Should Work Together on Social

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Jun 13, 2016 7:45:00 AM

In this week's Spotlight, Product Marketing Manager Jaclyn Fu discusses how marketing and customer service teams should work together on social.

Read below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 

How can marketing and customer service teams better work together?

One of the most popular questions that we get is how marketing and customer service teams should work together on social. I want to share with you three examples today of how our clients are doing it.

The questions is no longer "who should be owning social?" Everyone should be engaging on this really authentic and raw channel, but the question then becomes "how do your customers want to be engaged with and who is best in the company to deliver that experience?"

What are some examples of good marketing and customer service team interaction?

The first example is Hertz, one of the world's largest car rental companies. They do a great job of communicating between the marketing and their customer service teams, especially for companies that have a lot of marketing activities on social. It's even more important that these two teams talk to each other. Just recently Hertz launched a huge marketing campaign where they introduced exclusive cars at some of their car rental locations and their customers went wild over. Their social volumes went up over 30%, but because of the preplanning that went into it, the communication with the marketing team, they did not miss their SLAs at all. Their customer care engagement team was able to handle the influx of volumes and they were able to report back all the data and the social insights afterwards.

The second example is Vega, one of the most popular plant-based nutritional sites. When you have so many people engaging on social, the question is then, who should be engaging with what? The clear message here is that there needs to be rules and responsibilities established between both the teams. On the Vega example, they have a lot of incoming questions, they have a lot of marketing campaigns, and most of the question has to do with nutritional facts or what's in each product, and the customer care team is the best people in their company to respond to that. Despite the marketing campaigns, despite all the things that they post on marketing channels, the customer care team handled every single incoming question.

The third example is JackThreads, an e-commerce site for stylish men's wear. They recognize that word-of-mouth marketing and great customer experience is the best type of marketing you can have. They actually trained their customer care agents with the same tone of voice, with the same brand voice as all their marketing campaigns, so it's consistent and it's engaging, and it's fun as well. They'll send gifts to their customers, they make jokes with their customers, and these all comes back to going above and beyond for every single service interaction.

Three Tips for Better Workflows

My three tips for better workflows between customer care teams and marketing teams is to, one, have frequent communication. Everyone knows what coming ahead and how the past remains dead. My second tip is to have clear rules and responsibilities, so everyone knows what to respond to and what not respond to, and lastly, make it fun. Everyone should have a human tone of voice across every interaction, and it means having the right training.

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