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How do Facebook's changes affect IPM?

Joshua March
By Joshua March on Sep 29, 2011 4:17:00 PM

In the last couple of weeks, Facebook have made a lot of changes.

How do Facebook's changes affect IPM?


One of the most important for brands is that people who are notfans can now interact with pages. This has far-reaching affects on customer service, which we'll be discussing in more detail soon. However, it also affects the metrics you use to measure fan engagement. Up to now, only fans could interact; going forward, anyone can - making it much more like Twitter. 

In the last week, some of our customers have asked us "what do the new changes mean for IPM"? Well, the short answer is nothing. IPM still remains a great way of understanding how your updates are performing. IPM has always been available inside Conversocial for Twitter, and works in exactly the same way. Learn more about IPM and our profiler tool here

For any update you send (on Facebook or Twitter) the vast majority of people who see and engage with that update are your followers. This is because most people see your content in their newsfeed or stream, not by visiting your page. If you do really well, it can expand even further, and that's great; but as a general rule the number of people who interact with your content is strongly related to how many followers or fans you have. So measuring interactions relative to your fan count remains the best way to understand how your updates (and your competitors) are performing. 

You can check out your IPM scores using our profiler here

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