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How Conversocial helps clients provide proactive customer service

By Rachel Tran on Sep 17, 2013 12:49:00 PM

At Conversocial we’re committed to helping our clients provide the best social customer service wherever their customers are speaking on social.

One of the great add-on features of Conversocial is the ability to create a proactive stream of Twitter content, making the most of Conversocial’s partnership with DataSift to access and filter Twitter’s real-time firehose.

This partnership has “allowed us to bring some of the most advanced proactive search functionality there is online into Conversocial.”
– Joshua March (CEO of Conversocial)

This functionality allows Conversocial’s clients to create complex searches including Boolean logic and filters based on location, language, and follower count. For those requiring more from their searches, Conversocial also allows regular expression (wildcard) searches – effectively allowing you to search for content that follows a particular format (e.g: account numbers, telephone numbers or product names that may have different version numbers).

Research by Conversocial has previously found that only 3% of Tweets discussing brands contain a direct @mention, highlighting the importance and need to search Twitter proactively for these brand related Tweets.

How Conversocial helps clients provide proactive customer service

This week also marks DataSift’s Social Data Week. Several members of the Conversocial New York team will be attending the New York conference on Friday 20th September and are available to meet. You can find out about DataSift’s other events in cities around the world on their website.

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