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Spotlight: How Audi Has Embraced Social As A Primary Care Channel

Nathan Barker
By Nathan Barker on Aug 1, 2016 5:25:52 AM

Audi UK has always embraced social as a service channel. Choosing to resolve customer issues in the channel of their customer's choice, Audi takes this one step further and proactively reaches out to customers who are experiencing problems but did not directly mention the brand.

But, how do Audi UK excel at proactive social customer service? And how do you build a social service strategy that excels? We sat down with Emma Page at Audi UK to hear her perspective.

Read on for the transcript, or watch the video below. 

Read below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 

Paul Johns:

I'm here with Emma Page at Audi, UK. She's the head of our Customer Advisory Board at The Gherkin in London. We'll listen to Emma now talk about how Audi, UK have really embraced social as a primary care channel.

Emma Page:

Social is incredibly important, especially when it comes to, obviously, customer care. From the minute I started Audi, I harped on about the cost of not being there. If there is the opportunity to save the day, then we need to be there. We used insight in number of ways. It could be a campaign just going out. Just after we launched the R8 Eye campaign, we were able to identify customer reactions. Are people liking it? How are people responding? Then, also looking at our product. Are people liking the new product improvements? Can that actually then inform some of our marketing as well. When we were looking at Q7, we were understanding what people were saying about it. What did people want to see? Do they want to see more of the grill? Is it the technology?


We're actually then using those insights to then inform. We're actually using insight from social through our entire funnel, to inform all different parts of marketing and business processes and customer services. More and more that we're using social, we are enabling it to become intertwined within other areas of our business.


Rewind 3 years at Audi, the argument I was having with my director was the cost of not being there. I think we've moved on so much. I think what we definitely found out is that being able to respond to people in real time, and that real time nature of insight and responding to queries that come through, is absolutely vital. I think for a brand like Audi that positions itself as being a premium luxury automotive brand, it's absolutely imperative that we are responding to our customers as and when they communicate with us. That is absolutely something that is at the heart of what we do, no matter what channel.


Number one, I would say, don't be scared. It's the most amazing industry to be in. Like I said before, there are so much insight you can give to the business. There's so much the customers can tell you to help inform and grow your business that you're missing out on. Most people are engaging with social media at some point. If you're not the person, probably sitting opposite to you or next to you is. Just think about if you had a customer complaint or a question about brand, where would be your go-to place to go? If it's social, then it makes sense that you should absolutely be there.

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