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Hertz' Social Customer Service Gold: The Insider's Perspective

By Anna Drennan on Dec 4, 2012 5:26:00 PM

We're always happy to hear when our customers are doing a fantastic job at looking after their own customers.

Hertz' Social Customer Service Gold

And so we were thrilled to hear recently that Hertz are being praised again for their stellar social customer service efforts.  


Hertz has been repeatedly acknowledged as a social media heavyweight. Most recently, @hertz was recognized  as one of the brands to inspire your work in Twitter, but this isn’t the first time the team’s efforts have been picked up in the media - earlier in the year, the Hertz team won the company the first ever Travel + Leisure Social Media + Tourism Awards for "Best Use of a Social Media Platform". Even back in 2009, Mashable noted the success of the Hertz handle at developing engagement with its community. Over the past three years Hertz’ following has grown from a humble 82 followers to a solid 18,649.

I spoke with Lemore Hecht, Manager of Communications & Social Media, to share with you just what lies at the heart of  their first-class offering. Lemore tells us a bit about their journey and how today, the team delivers great customer service on Facebook and Twitter, offering dedicated and targeted assistance to Hertz customers.

How has your social media operation evolved since 2009?

Hertz had just entered the realm of social media in 2009 and was just launching a Facebook page and Twitter account. Since then, we have grown our presence significantly, established a solid network of fans and followers through our various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and have launched several successful social media focused campaigns. With a huge population of consumers on social media, Hertz recognized the opportunities to engage them through a medium they use readily. In 2012, Hertz integrated customer service into our social media efforts, giving our customers direct access to agents who can answer their rental-related questions, and resolve issues through a platform they’re comfortable with.

You respond to both positive and negative messages on Facebook and Twitter, what's your approach to the good and bad feedback you get?

Any feedback, whether it is positive or negative is important to any brand. For Hertz, we are able to identify opportunities for improvement through all facets of the business just by listening to our customers on social media. Having a finger on the pulse of our consumer sentiment is a key benefit to having a robust social media presence.

And finally, what would be your 5 top tips for other brands in this space?

Hertz' Social Customer Service Gold1. Listen to your customers’ concerns and show that you care – you’ll get a positive response in return.

2. Personalize your efforts. Give each customer’s concern individualized attention, and resolve the issue efficiently & transparently. Use signoff initials to show the customer that they’re actually speaking to a representative.

3. Manage social inquiries through social channels. You can deal with public and private communication through socially by making use of private and Direct Messages.

4. Be open about what social customer service you have on offer for fans and followers so they know exactly how they can use social media to talk to you.

5. When you’re finished looking after a customer on social media, you want to publicly acknowledge the resolution of the customer’s issue. Another customer might have a similar question.

Do you have any questions for Lemore and her team? If your company has had great success at delivering social customer service effectively, how did you get there? We'd love to get your input in the comments below. 

If you have any ideas for what you'd like to hear from us, find us on @conversocial, or email rachel@conversocial.com

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