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Here it is—the Spring Edition of The Conversation

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Apr 12, 2016 12:27:22 PM


Welcome to the Spring Edition of The Conversation, your go-to guide for updates on Social Customer Service best practices, actionable insights and proven success stories from some of the world's most social brands.

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What #SocialFirst Means to Tesco
We are very lucky at Conversocial to work with some of the world’s leading social brands, who house some of the best industry knowledge and thought leadership. We jumped at the opportunity to learn from Tesco and pose a few questions to the industry. Read more here.

How Sprint Successfully Serves their Social Customers
Sprint launched their Social Customer Service operation in 2012. During that time they have faced and overcome many challenges. The team has now scaled to a 24x7 operation, responding to thousands of posts each day. But the goal remains the same: to treat each customer issue as unique. Read how Sprint scaled their social service, while remaining human, here.

The Power of ‘PLAY’: Actionable Conversations Distributed 
Managing social media can be stressful, confusing, and scary. In its most natural state, social is a chaotic realm full of noise and unstructured conversations. Without the right people, processes and platform, it’s just a signal. For socially immature brands, this raw signal poses a real threat with all the emotionally charged, ‘in the moment’ customer reactions that become prevalent for all to see. For the socially mature brand, this signal can be turned into an organized channel used to develop deep and valuable customer relationships and create material impact to the business. For this you need the power of 'Play'.

How Travelex Serves their World Traveler Friends
Travelex, the global foreign exchange company and Conversocial customer, operates in two very different industry verticals, with two very different approaches needed. One being travel, where in-the-moment social service is a must. The other finance, where staying within the remits of the law is paramount. One lends itself to fast response times, the other, slower more scripted responses. The end goal remains the same however, a social first approach to serving the social customer. Find out how Travelex achieves this here.

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cover.pngAnd if you still want to learn more, be sure to check out our learning centre where you can view Case Studies and listen to on-demand webinars featuring Hyatt, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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