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Facebook’s Revamped News Feed - Are you really ready for better engagement?

By Rachel Tran on Mar 12, 2013 7:08:00 PM

Last week, Facebook announced its first major redesign of the newsfeed since 2009 – giving users more options with its choice of feeds and making it more visually appealing. 

Goodbye Clutter. Hello bright, beautiful stories.” says Facebook, but how will these new changes impact social customer service on Facebook?

Facebook’s new News Feed introduces brighter, bigger and more vibrant photos so that each post is highlighted more prominently on your feed - bringing images to life. To make the user’s feed clutter free and easier to explore, the new design will also feature separate feed options, which includes Most Recent, Photos and Following, alongside the default News Feed.

Brands will set about creating the best, visually rich content for Facebook, hoping to encourage more users to engage with their brand. Currently 51% of social care users actively engage with brands several times per month, but will this be set to grow once the revamped Facebook News Feed rolls out? What do prettier pictures have to do with customer service? 

Changes that present better opportunities for marketing departments; with more attention-grabbing content, can be expected to add fuel to the process that birthed social media customer service. As marketing departments tried to grow engagement with customers, those customers opened up social channels as a route for complaints and questions. If marketing proves successful again, building better engagement still, it will become more important than ever to have resources in place to prevent marketing content from being publicly hijacked by customer service issues

The introduction of a Following Feed means that posts from brands that we like or follow will be showcased together, making it especially important to get competitive with other pages. To seize the opportunity to generate more engagement, it’s important to understand how marketing messages will be viewed by fans. For example, captions on images will be overlaid on  images instead of appearing below them – making copy less of a priority than photos. To make sure your customers engage with your content, keep copy short, snappy and sweet. But perhaps more significantly, multiple news feeds mean that customers can see at a glance which brands are the most-customer centric. Making sure that you’re on top of those questions and queries in the brand space will become even more important for a competitive advantage. 

The new News Feed will be rolling out to all Facebook users in just a couple of weeks - is your business prepared for the changes it will bring? 

Download our Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service below and find out the key to delivering a great customer experience online.

Download The Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service

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