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Facebook's Guide to Optimizing your Page

By Anna Drennan on Dec 13, 2011 6:45:00 PM

However many fans you have on Facebook, you should always be thinking about ways to make the most of them. Facebook wants to help. We thought we’d share a few key points from Facebook's Pages Optimization Guide on how to make your page work for your business.

Know your business, your customers and your goals

Establish from the start what kind of relationship you want to have with your fans, and what relationship they are likely to want to have with you. Social media tips can help, but don't forget everything you already know about your customers.

Develop a conversation calendar

Create a regular rhythm that works for your customers and post at times when engagement is highest. Conversocial tracks this for you, so you know exactly when to reach out! Set aside time to plan each week's Facebook messaging to deliver relevant and interesting content.

Handle negative feedback honestly and openly

“When you engage your fans in a genuine dialogue, transparency is very important. Remember this is a conversation, so listen and respond, and address negative feedback honestly and openly.” Censorship is not a viable option. If you want to be on Facebook, you have to accept that conversation is two-way!

You can read the guide in full here.


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