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Facebook’s Billion Users and What It Means for Your Business

Joshua March
By Joshua March on Oct 4, 2012 4:09:00 PM

Facebook has reached the 1 billion active monthly users milestone - but what does that mean for your relationships with your customers?

Having finally reached the 1 billion active users mark, Facebook is unquestionably the world’s biggest and most popular social platform, and one of the world’s mainstream communication networks. To celebrate this great achievement and milestone, Facebook has released a powerful video  “The Things That Connect Us”, showing how different human innovations allow people to get together, connect and share – just like their platform.

Since its launch in February 2004, Facebook has accumulated over 1.13 trillion likes and 219 billion photos. With these numbers continuing to grow, what does the future of Facebook look like for businesses and their customer relationships?

The future of communications is social, and confirmed today as so much more than a fad. Despite what many critics thought – Facebook is not going anywhere anytime soon. A study conducted last year by Facebook states that 23% of users “like” a brand’s Facebook page to seek customer service assistance and expert advice. This percentage is going to grow rapidly, especially with the breakthrough number of active Facebook users. More and more people are going to be sharing content – using Facebook as the primary way to reach out to you - but are you prepared to handle all the social customer service requests? Businesses who have yet to adapt to the gradual shift away from traditional methods of customer service must act soon; it is no longer an option to ignore your customers on social networks.

For us, 1 billion users worldwide means companies will have no choice but to accept that the social norms brought about by the Facebook platform will dictate their customer relationships. Facebook has now confirmed its position as one of today’s primary communication channels - transforming how companies communicate with consumers forever. The social masses aren’t just a minority, they are your customers and your potential customers. And you should be where they are – ready to listen, help and respond.

What do think the future holds for Facebook? How do think the 1 billion users milestone will change the face of social customer service for businesses on Facebook? We’re interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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