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Does good social customer service really add to customer loyalty?

By Reetu McCallum on Dec 5, 2014 7:33:44 AM

There are four elements that customers look for when interacting with a brand: choice, value, convenience and a positive experience. For me (and I'm sure I am not alone), the experience is the most important. Why? Because people lead busy lives, on the move. In a world of rapid-fire interactions, a quality experience sticks out more than ever.


In a recent conversation with a close friend we discussed how brands are still struggling at delivering effective omni-channel customer service. Although companies know the importance of a great customer service experience, it feels like over the past few years there has been a drop in the level of service delivery. It has become more bargain based, with short quick hunts for great deals and less about the customers needs. Because of the lack of attention to excellent customer service, customers have become less loyal.

The advancement of social media and technology has changed the relationship the consumer has with a company. The consumer has never before had so many platforms to publicly voice their dissatisfaction.This has forced brands to put the customer first (again).

Social media presents brands with an opportunity to identify what people are saying about their company. If they can provide customers with what they need then they will build a loyal customer base. To prompt customer loyalty you must build an emotional bond with your customers. 

You cannot rely on just selling your product and thinking that will lead to brand loyalty. We have moved into 21st century communication: You need to interact with your customers online and this means accepting that social media plays a key role in this. We are social beings after all. If you do not provide the best customer experience, you will lose customers, with it being extremely difficult to win them back.

Being sold to and marketed at, is not an experience, it’s a transaction. Customer engagement and customer experience based strategy, tools and programs are the most effective way to differentiate your organization from the competition. A delightful customer experience begins with engaged and happy agents where they are supported with a tool to give them the freedom and ease to provide an excellent customer service experience.

Conversocial allows brands to cut through social noise It is designed to allow your agents to provide the best customer experience possible. It gives them the flexibility to be creative and address the issues by representing your brand in a positive, informative and empathetic light using the social channels that your customers are active on.

To find out how Conversocial can help you, contact me on uk.linkedin.com/in/reetumccallum/

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