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Direct Message Us! (With our new DM Button)

Joshua March
By Joshua March on Mar 29, 2016 12:53:47 PM

Recently, I was on a webinar with Jeff Lesser from Twitter talking about a couple of their new innovations in the customer care space: Click to Direct Message, and Customer Feedback. As a Twitter Certified Partner, Conversocial was among the first platforms to deliver the new functionality to our clients.

Conversocial - Direct Message Us

Click to Direct Message makes it significantly easier to take a conversation private from a public Tweet. When you include the special link at the end of a Tweet (we describe how to do this below), Twitter turns it into a simple button enabling your customer to go straight into a private DM conversation (in Conversocial, agents can add the link with the press of a button). This is a strong step in making Twitter much simpler for consumers to use for customer service; hopefully this is the end to an awkward but until now common response by brands hoping to take conversations private: “Please DM us”.

This is the most recent of many important changes Twitter has made in the past year to make itself a go-to—and many would argue the go-to—service channel. These include removing the 140 character limit for Direct Messages, as well as making it possible for users and brands to DM each other without the requirement of both following each other.

This is part of a wider shift we are seeing in social care, with the focus moving from social being all about public escalation to it being the contact channel of choice for the private resolution of issues. For social and mobile customers, messaging a company on Twitter is much easier and more convenient than traditional webchat on a desktop, a phone call, or an email. And for businesses, social media enables a mobile first care strategy with low handling times (cheaper than calls or emails), and high CSAT (which with the latest updates can now be measured natively over Twitter). We saw a similar shift happen recently on Facebook with the launch of live chat through Messenger.   

Asking Customers To Direct Message You From Your Website

What most people missed in the Twitter update was that the new deep link to initiate a private conversation can be used anywhere—including off Twitter. This makes it easy to encourage customers to initiate a private conversation through Twitter from your website or mobile app.


We’ve designed this simple button (now live on our site), which we are releasing for you to download and freely use on your own site (Twitter's logo is subject to Twitter's branding guidelines). If you’d like use it on your own contact us page, download the file here. To create the link, just use:


For more detailed instructions, go to Twitter’s help center article on it here.

#SocialFirst customer care

Many companies have been hesitant to promote social as primary care channels because of their public nature. But with the ability to promote private resolution over social channels as a primary care channel, this issue falls away. The benefits of having a #SocialFirst approach to customer service—in customer convenience, CSAT and cost—are huge, and now that you can promote private resolution on both major social channels, there are no real downsides.

Hope you enjoy the button! Feel free to message us privately if you have any questions. 

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