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Introducing the Definitive Guide to Social, Mobile Customer Service AudioBook

Natasha Palmer
By Natasha Palmer on Sep 27, 2016 2:52:00 PM

Earlier this year we released the 4th edition of The Definitive Guide to Social, Mobile Customer Service. Proving to be our most popular yet, the marketing team at Conversocial have just launched the downloadable audiobook version that discusses real life examples from thought leaders, industry experts and corporate practitioners. We appreciate how scary the step into social can be and how overwhelming white papers often are, so the dialogue featured in this audiobook has been pulled together with you in mind - giving in-depth context to our definitive guide chapters. Click here to download your audio go-to-guide for social customer service.  

Your customer is changing and so should you

The way in which customers choose to speak to a brand on social has changed. The days of sending out shouty posts to publicly shame companies are long gone, and consumers are now turning to private and public social channels  for conversations, fast responses and in-the-moment resolution. With research showing that over 50% of time online (Comscore) is spent on mobile apps, it is more and more evident that customer service is moving from traditional channels onto social, mobile platforms. As customers move towards these relatively new forms of interaction, they demand and expect a certain level of service - in-channel, in-the-moment and human.

So what does this all really mean?

It means that brands are seeing significant changes in the methods that customers are contacting them, be it, a complaint, feedback or general FAQ. Whilst this seems pretty daunting, it is actually a really exciting time for a brand to take their customer experience to a whole new level - getting to know who your customers and having 1-on-1 conversations with the people who have built, shaped and supported your business.

As we see an increase in the investment from brands in their social customer service strategy, now more than ever is the time to be on top of your game and actively present on social. This is what will differentiate you from your competitors and increases customer loyalty. In chapter one, we talk through the idea of ‘Brand Banter’ and the impact engaging in conversations has both proactively and reactively.

Sounds like a big job right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Keep it simple, set your strategy and see success! Throughout the audiobook, you will hear what potential challenges you may face and how to deal with them, creating a customer service process that works for you and your brand, training your team through to measuring their success and what’s next for the future of social customer service.

Download our Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service, to learn more about the rise of the new “empowered customer,” taking public venting to private resolution and how you can successfully arm your team with the skills, knowledge and capabilities to become a leader in social customer service.  

Download and listen to our Definitive Guide Audiobook to understand:

  • The Era of the customer 
  • Where your brand sits on the Social Maturity Index
  • Customer experience for the social, mobile customer
  • How to create a social customer service playbook 
  • The importance of proactive customer service 
  • Measuring social customer service
  • Customer service experiences for the social, mobile customer 
  • The future of customer service

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