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Customer Service Training Webinar: Recruiting a Best in Class Social Customer Service Team

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Feb 21, 2014 10:54:00 AM


In our latest social media training webinar for customer service professionals, Conversocial’s Head of Professional Services, David Barber, outlined the key elements necessary to build the foundation for a great social customer service team within the call center. 

Topics covered included:

  • The key skills to look for when recruiting social customer service agents
  • A training plan to quickly upskill your team
  • Tips and tactics for how to empower your team for maximum impact
  • How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

Building a successful social media-savvy call center team presents a number of unique challenges, while the public nature of social leaves little room for error. Forming a specialized team within your call center will maximize the impact of your customer service offering across social channels.

Here are 4 key learnings, taken from the webinar, to look for when hiring social customer service agents:

  1. Are they personable? Social customer service agents need to be personable, have strong customer relationship skills and be competent in a public facing role.
  2. Do they have strong writing skills? The agents need to have strong written communication skills–after all, they will be communicating with your customers through written words.
  3. Can they think fast and show good judgment? The perfect candidates need to be able to think fast, judge situations with a level head and have the ability to act on their instincts.
  4. Do they fit your brand identity? Think about your brand’s identity–these individuals will be brand ambassadors to all those who connect with you through social media channels. Because of this, the agents need to embody your brand, as they will be living it throughout their working day.

When you have found these people, you need to ensure they are fully up to speed with everything they need to know about your organization and are properly trained to provide customer service over social media.


  1. Have the team all met before they start working together–even if this is a short team introduction? They will ease into working together better if they have already met prior to starting their work.
  2. Train social agents as a group by making sure your agents are introduced to new systems and processes together at the same time.
  3. That all the basic knowledge is there–conduct some social media training and encourage the agents to discuss their experience and knowledge of social media openly.
  4. Once trained on social media it is just as important to regularly re-train agents on developments within their role.

To listen to the full audio and discover more click below.

Click Here for Webinar Recording  

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