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Crowds App To Leave Beta in Play Store in November

Kevin Forcet
By Kevin Forcet on Dec 6, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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With 82% of Twitter users active on mobile, releasing our native Android Crowds app in November is an important milestone for the Crowds Community. Our beta version of the app launched in Google Play Store on the 9th of September. Check it out here.


Accessible & Beautiful

About a month ago the Crowds Product and Design Team was lucky enough to attend several of Google’s Top Contributor Meetups. We spoke to some Google Experts to get their thoughts on the app we were beta testing. Experts told us time and again how happy they were to be able to continue engaging with people while commuting, on break, at work or, as one dad put it, while bottle feeding my youngest. This was music to our team’s ears as convenience and efficiency are key to ensure that Experts continue engaging with customers looking for information and resolution.

From question to happy customers

Crowds’ Experts spend on average an hour a day helping others, and data shows that the new Android app is increasing the time spent even further by reducing forced ‘away’ time for Experts. The new Crowds App lets people shape their ‘Expert’ life around their normal life.

Crucial to Experts was how the app could help them either handle a question in real-time or do peripheral tasks such as refining question filtering, keeping conversations fresh and following-up on settled issues.

So what does the mobile app have to offer?

  • Access to Crowds anytime, anywhere
  • Access to your curated question flow
  • Access to all Twitter and Crowds actions
  • Full account management functionalities

We are on track to release version 1.4 for Android in November, introducing gestural interactions for a smoother user experience, and the iOS app will release in early 2017.

The world is mobile. So is Crowds.

To learn more about Crowds and how you can commission your brand's experts for better digital service, read here

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