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Conversocial Works with Twitter to Help Customers Get Up Close and Personal with New Customer Care Features

Jaclyn Fu
By Jaclyn Fu on Feb 18, 2016 12:01:00 PM


Are you meeting your customers’ expectations when they need you the most? Capture honest, in-the-moment social feedback - it’s as real as it gets.

2015 was the year social customer service not only grew, but grew up. In many ways it was a year as much about maturation as it was about saturation.  This scale has delivered unique benefits and challenges for brands as they strive to build more emotional connections with customers as they are experiencing the brand. What has distinguished social from traditional channels is its authentic, emotional, in-the-moment qualities of resolution.

The legitimacy of social as a critical service channel is proven by its impressive growth. Customer Service volume on Twitter alone has grown 2.5x over the last two years. As Official Partners, we’ve been working closely with Twitter to help companies more maturely serve their social, mobile customers. We are excited to announce that Conversocial is one of the first partners to make Twitter’s latest social customer care tools available to our early adopter clients.

Social CSAT survey post-resolution

For the first time, companies are now able to instantly capture the most authentic and in-the-moment view of their success or failure to deliver against their brand promise. This is the rawest form of highly scaled feedback.

Twitter’s new ‘Customer Feedback’ feature allows companies to automatically send a standard CSAT question to their customers after a service interaction has ended. Customers will be able to privately rate their experience with the brand on a scale of 1-5.

For Conversocial clients, Customer Feedback is seamlessly integrated into existing resolution workflows. With this enabled, customers receive the CSAT survey when a conversation has been resolved within Conversocial.  This integration with Conversocial also makes customer responses and associated conservation data easily accessible to managers.  Analyzing social CSAT in addition to conversation sentiment conversion, resolution time, and response time enables companies to more accurately measure true resolution on social, at scale. 

Customer Feedback will be made available by Twitter in March. To enable this new feature, businesses must work with one of Twitter’s ecosystem partners, like Conversocial. Please reach out to your Conversocial Client Success Manager or our sales team to get ahead on the set-up process.

Public to private DM prompt buttons

As the social, mobile customer moves away from public ranting, and towards private resolution, social is an increasingly powerful, mature and uncompromising service channel. Direct Message is an ideal channel: it’s in-the-moment, private, mobile, safe, and now easier to initiate with prompted ‘single click to DM’ capability.


A brand can now respond with a standardized deep link to a Direct Message. Twitter will turn that simple URL into a call-to-action button that says “Send a private message”. This greatly simplifies the demand on the user when starting a private conversation. Since the recipient of the Direct Message is already selected, the compose experience is easier as well. Within the Conversocial platform, with just one click, agents can add a DM prompt when responding on social.


The public to private DM prompt is now available in Conversocial. Please reach out to your Conversocial Client Success Manager to learn more.

The experience must be frictionless, authentic, and optimized for both social and mobile. The metrics must be able to measure true impact to the customer’s experience, not just the speed of responses. As the social, mobile customer is maturing, so are businesses, social networks, and technology solutions.

This isn’t just another product announcement, this is the declaration of legitimacy for Social in digital customer service. Customers are #SocialFirst™ and that little Bluebird has felt the shifting winds and is aligning himself accordingly. It’s the truth, it’s factual. Everything is satisfactual, or will at least measure satisfaction.

For more information, request a demo to see how Conversocial can help you start capturing authentic social, mobile customer insights.

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