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Conversocial Welcomes Chris Venus, Director of Professional Services

Chris Venus
By Chris Venus on Feb 3, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Please allow me to introduce myself - my name is Chris and I am the new Professional Services Director, for Conversocial.


This first blog will serve as an introduction to me, my role, and what I want to bring to Conversocial and you, our customers going forward.

Joining from a software provider, I've worked in a support and services role for my entire career. I have created and delivered services to a huge variety of customers, such as EDF, Thomas Cook, HCA International, and many more.

My last company delivered intranets, essentially internal websites used by staff at a company, they would be used to drive collaboration amongst staff members and act as a centralised location for data input and distribution. You can think of it like a one stop shop for everything an employee should need to do their job, from HR policies to electronic holiday booking, or e-learning to CRM.

As a result, I’ve spent many years talking to business leaders about how to join up the various departments in their businesses, surfacing information, providing for the needs of their diverse workforce, and getting them working towards a common goal as one team.

So how do you get from intranets to customer service?

For me there was always something missing from most intranets that we created. Whilst we could create a fantastic resource for distributing information centrally, that information was only ever as good as the sources that fed it. Invariably this would be the staff at the business presenting their view on the world so there was always a certain amount of rivalry amongst departments. As a result the information always felt a little, well, artificial. That upset me. How can a business improve and better serve it’s customers if it doesn’t have accurate information telling it what’s wrong and, as a result, can’t work out how to fix it.

For me great customer service is about far more than quick response times, tone of voice and empathizing with the customer. Don’t get me wrong - all these things are important. Critically important.

But for me, it’s the insight that can be gained really understanding those issues and what steps can be taken to prevent them from happening again that excites me.

After all, the best customer service of all is not having the issue occur in the first place, right?

So why Conversocial? And why social customer service?

I made the decision to join Conversocial because I genuinely believe that Social Media offers one of the best opportunities to gather real customer feedback at the point an issue has occurred, not 3 hours later on a phone call when you got home, and quite possibly have just spent 40 minutes in an IVR being passed from department to department, and can’t even remember why you were originally upset in the first place.

I love the fact it’s public, so there is no sweeping away of issues under the carpet, pretending that they aren’t happening and massaging the numbers to make various internal teams look better. Sure, I want my team to look the best like everyone else, but only if it’s real, because that’s what keeps the customers coming back.

To me it’s clear Conversocial has a huge role to play in the future of customer service and I'm excited about what we are creating to enable our customers to not only meet their customers expectations, but exceed them at every turn.

We have an incredible team of people here, they have vast experience in taking social customer service operations at all stages in their development, even if they haven’t started yet, enabling them grow and develop going forward. My role is to take that expertise and develop services that enable our customers to get the most out of the Conversocial platform, ultimately allowing them to deliver the best service possible to their customers. No matter what stage they have reached in the development of their social customer service offering, we will provide services that enable our customers to be the best they can be. We want our customers to be at the forefront of the Social revolution, leading the way and delighting their customers in the process.

We will be offering ongoing services that enable our customers to improve in manageable chunks over a period of time (we won’t just be setting them up and pushing them off the dock hoping they succeed!). We will be there every step of the way, getting them set up, working on best practice, keeping agents operating efficiently, creating operational playbooks, providing crisis management planning, ongoing optimisation and reporting for the business insights that enable them to make real changes to their businesses that improve their customers lives everyday. As the Conversocial platform improves, the market changes and businesses evolve, we will be there at their sides.

So watch this space for exciting new service offerings over the coming weeks and months…

Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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