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Conversocial Unveils Advanced Permission-based Social Customer Service Software

By Anna Drennan on Oct 11, 2011 5:01:00 PM

Developed in response to customer demand for a wider set of controls, we have released new Team and Enterprise editions of Conversocial, providing the most advanced permissions-based control commercially available today.

The permissions system enables seamless global and local management of social media programs across multiple teams while alleviating risk for the brand and providing fully granular control, audit trail and compliance capabilities.

“Social networks are proving highly effective for businesses in starting conversations with customers, with the conversations now increasingly managed in-house. This complex process involves multiple teams across departments, with marketing and customer service teams often working together for the first time,” comments Joshua March, CEO, Conversocial. “Conversocial’s Enterprise edition enables global companies to manage high volumes of social interactions across multiple countries, while providing the granular control needed and the ability for customer service teams to target individual customers with tailored, language-specific responses.  Collaboration between teams is easy, with the software determining who has permission to post content and interact with fans.”

The Team Edition, aimed at growing social media and customer service teams, provides simple role and access permissions with aggregated analytics and multi-channel publishing. We differentiate between social media managers and customer service agents, facilitating collaborative working, for example responding to comments, while restricting an agent’s access and ability to post other content to corporate Facebook pages.  

Conversocial Enterprise, which provides extensive permissions-based social media management, wraps multilevel publishing and engagement in permissions. Individual roles can be created with specific permissions; local store managers can be authorized to post and reply to comments relevant to them, but not to comment on brand matters. This unique role and location-based control over publishing content enables permissions hierarchies to be generated that reflect multiple teams structures across companies on a national and global basis, ultimately providing a personal approach without risking corporate image. 

If you think you might be interested in either our Team or Enterprise releases, or would like to hear more about the new functionality we've built, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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