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Conversocial support made easier. We want to hear your ideas.

By Anna Drennan on Feb 3, 2011 3:20:00 PM

We’ve started using Zendesk support to get feedback from you.

We now have a full Knowledge Base up and running, so check it out if you are having difficulty with anything. You might have noticed that we’ve installed a support widget within Conversocial. You can submit any questions you have here, but also search our knowledge base for instant, ready-made information.

Conversocial Support Search


Even better, we’ve got a Feature Requests forum, for you to give ideas on how to make Conversocial better. Your input really helps us to know what we should be doing next, so we’d love to hear from you.

We hope to develop a really useful support network to make everybody’s social media more effective. If there’s something particularly interesting you’re doing – why not share it with other Conversocial users in ‘Tips and Tricks’.

Let's start a Conversocial community at support.conversocial.com

Conversocial is a Social Media Management System that helps businesses manage the increasing volume of two-way communication going through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through in-depth engagement analytics and comprehensive comment management tools, Conversocial enables effective marketing distribution, moderation and customer support.

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